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How do you repoet a bug now? The support files put you in a loop and never actually tell you how to do it. I filled out a report through the webiste, but all I got was an email that says they can’t help becuase they don’t have my information becuae I didn’t use an in-game ticket. There is no in-game ticket. All i can do is tap the support button, which juat takes me to a list of FAQs that don’t tell you how to submit a bug or issue report… Am I blind? Is there an in-game ticket button I am not seeing?

It’s a chat system now.

You talk to a bot.

When bot replies, you just answer that the answer does not help you.

Keep doing that till you get a human.

Need to be patient. Need to repeat yourself at least twice.

This game does earn at least US$20m monthly but the Developer believes in minimal customer service, with priority on revenue generation. Good costumer service costs more money and doesn’t guarantee that the money Inflow exceeds the outflow.


I’m having the problem where I can’t even type with the bot. My keyborad won’t come up whenever i’m int the chat or on the forum (including search) but it works with every other app and the chat within the game.

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Try this link

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Same issue here. Chat bot won’t even load a dialogue box.