Replayable costume levels without keys

Would like to be able to replay the costume event levels, even without key rewards. It’s very interesting to fight against the costumed heroes. It’s a shame that the levels are one and done- leaves no room for trying out different lineups.

There could be a reason to try different teams. But why? You complete it end of your majority not going back to do it again and use WE when there nothing to really gain, :woman_shrugging:

To find a team, that beats the ultrabrutal lvl without items or even on auto.

also for fun. the pve experience in this game is pretty good and the costume levels are especially unique in that they feel like raids but with boosters and no emblems or troops.

I also have nearly 50 we flasks, not worried about world energy lol

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Yeah but you know in your head what you bring to auto it to complete it if you can? Other wise why take the risk!?

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dont tell me it isnt cool going up against richard or lianna or elena or whoever in costumes. definitely beats just farming season 1 8-7 again and again and again and

Majority of people are not gonna do the event again. Once completed they wash there hands with it :roll_eyes::grimacing::wink:
No other rewards same as trials :woman_shrugging:

yeah not so sure on that one. you are assuming a majority of people are like you but in fact they may be like me. :thinking:

Pretty sure no one will re do the quest again as there no loot or score base through them! I totally get what your saying trying a different squad but it’s not gonna happen :woman_shrugging:

It’s called auto play with LotL.


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Worked pretty awesome, but I had my whole breakfast during the last run. :partying_face:


whoah talk about green power

whatever dude, the point of these threads is to propose an idea or make a request. not to ask for your opinion on if it will happen.

sg has nothing to lose whatsoever by allowing these levels to be replayable

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Please keep conversations civil. Remember that this is primarily a player-player forum so while SGG does read and consider the ideas, the forum is for civil discussion. Thank you.


Might be a fun way to “try out” a potential hero on defense. What can it hurt? Player’s choice whether they want to use their flags there or some other place.

Farming the same few stages with the same bosses gets super boring.

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