Replay of enemy raids - Master Thread

I would be happy just to see what heros/team was used including troops. That would be just as useful if a replay is too much to ask for.

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This, very much this.

I dont need to see a video. All I need is to know what heroes are used so I can try find a pattern and amend my team accordingly


It’s bad idea. What to you want to see? Waste of time. Everyone is playing years, you want to see it someone’s play?

Do you pay for server load?
Have taken permission from other players to watch their play?
I don’t know how much free you are to spend a lot of time to play and to watch the same.
Do you poke the rider after watching the video?

Finally waste time and data…

Hasn’t someone said that other games have replays? How do those games do so? And can it be adapted to our game?

Replays could be enabled easily with minimal data to store by recording the arrangement of the starting board, the composition of the teams, the player’s moves, and the color of the tiles (in order) that filled in as the attacker played. The battle could then be replayed on a client’s device with basically zero server load, and less than 2k of data or so to transfer.

The problem is that coding that replay functionality itself is no small task, since i imagine they have zero infrastructure on the client to do such an automated replay, which means not cheap for them to code, which means the chances of it happening are quite small since there’s zero return in it for them. :man_shrugging:

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When you go into your tower and review the raids, I wish there was a way to determine how it happened rather than just who won and loss. Since there are 10 heroes in the raid just put the numbers 1 through 9 in the order that they died and perhaps the turn number. if the first hero to die did so in the third turn then it would be 1 (3). If you have a multi kill hero and like 3 of the other team die in the fourth turn then all 3 of them would be 2 (4). It might be a good way to determine which of your defense team is the weak link or is being targeted etc. so you can adjust as needed.