Replay of enemy raids - Master Thread

Worth considering the implications of adding this as a feature.

In theory, yes it’s quite simple… In practice it’s actually quite involved…

Currently every battle you play is conducted locally… Your device receives the data for the raid / battle then you play it thru. At the end, your device sends the RESULT back to the server.

If the request here was implemented one of two things would need to happen. Either
A) your device would need to record & upload the battle back to the server or
B) the entire battle would need to take place on the SGG server which would record & store the fight.

For option A it would basically mean that EVERY raid you do would be recorded by your device (increased memory and CPU usage) and would be uploaded (massive data usage increase)…

For option B it would be a HUGE overhaul of the entire game mechanic… Would also require a massive upgrade in server capacity & size in order to accommodate hosting that many battles running simultaneously. It would also dramatically increase your personal data usage because you would be “streaming” the game in real time…

In Both Options you would also be using a heap more data to DOWNLOAD / watch the video replay after the fact… Plus all those videos would need to be stored somewhere, expectation being by SGG… So they would need Millions of Terrabytes of storage space too…

Put it in perspective. A single raid that I upload to YouTube in Medium Quality (620p) is about 120MB. If I do 12 raids a day (logging in twice using 6 raid flags) that is a total of 1.42 GB of storage for me alone per day.

So that’s an additional 1.42 GB of data usage PER DAY purely for me to upload these videos to the SGG server… Plus an additional 1.42 GB of data to download my raids (assuming it’s ONLY 12 attacks per day… I get a lot more than that but hey…). So per day I’m now at 2.84 GB of additional data usage…

If we look at the SGG side of things, if there were 1,000,000 players (there are more but again… Whatevs) they would need 1.42 MILLION gigabytes of storage space PER DAY… that’s 1,400 TerraBytes or approximately 1.42 PETABYTES of data storage PER DAY…

The average 720p movie is about 800 MB… So SGG are storing the equivalent of 1,780 full length movies EVERY. SINGLE. DAY…

So is it really possible? Yes.
Is it realistic? Probably not.

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It’s an option that many games have. Now maybe playing Clash of Clans for a while spoilt me, but back in 2014 I was playing it on a cheap phone with very limited Ram and storage. It didn’t take up all that data you’re suggesting. I’m very sure back then the systems we had couldn’t compare to what we have now.
I’m not an IT expert in any form but I’m very sure the structure for recording the data of battles and you recording videos for YouTube won’t be in the same file type and format. SGG’s servers may indeed need a overhaul to implement the format, but after 3 year I see it has been on the asking table, the increased player base and amount of income generated also just on the premise of keep up with the competition. Some investment could have been done by now.
Once again seeing as it’s done in a lot of games, you asked is it possible? We know it is. Is it realistic? It definitely is… unless SGG doesn’t want it to be.

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Just adding that a replay of raids and/or war would be awesome.

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You don’t have to record a video to do a battle replay. The board is 5x7 tiles, thats 35 tiles. 5 different colors and special flags for dreagonshield and jewel -> to make it easy, this kind of information, could be stored in 4 bits, so 2 tiles saved per byte -> 18 bytes to store the initial board. Another 2 bytes to store the coordinates of the tile moved, and the direction it is moved to. depending on the cascades happening 1 byte per 2 newly added tiles is needed. To assume a worst case, the entire board will be cascaded 20 times -> 21 * 18 + 2 = 380 Bytes per move. how many moves can be done in 10 minutes of a raid? Lets asume one move per 2 seconds (animation times of the moves, special animations etc.) thats 300 moves per raid -> 114000 bytes about 112kb. Add some additional information for the specials triggered by the player, the target of this specials, etc. The data of the opposing team setup is transmitted anyway. So in the end to “record” the worst and longest battle ever, you would need far less then 150kb of data to be transmitted… With this data, the hole fight could be recalculated by the client that wants to “replay” the battle.

Greetz Sauronia

Not to mention, that “usual” raids would need much less data -> less moves, less cascades etc.
And finally this data then again could be compressed by an ordinary compressing algorithm like zip, to reduce the data needed any further.

Wouldn’t it be badass to see replays of who hits you win or lose and who they brought in? Can see if the boards f you or the boards kiss you

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Any sign to bring replay button in watchtower ?

It would be really nice to see your own war defense replay so you can tell if it’s a decent defense or the reason why you got one shot was because your opponent got all the tiles they needed. Also would love to be able to practice on my teammates war defense.

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This thread has been up since 2017. Can we have an official update from Small Giant on this?

@Petri @KiraSG @EmpiresPuzzles

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Able to review past losses/wins in raids. I would like to know how people are beating your teams in wars, and be nice to make adjustments. See where where strengths and weaknesses are. Know if they just had a lucky board or not. I could see it being beneifical in wars.

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I don’t know if this topic is new or not.
But I think it will be an interesting thing to be able to see a play back of battles when someone attacks your base.
Maybe for a fee: food or iron.

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Yeah totally down for replays even if it’s just 2-3 no need for every one… Then could get a good idea of how your DT is holding and to what hero’s it’s effective against or not… As an attacker only shows the current raid DT… I know for myself I dark Mono alot as it’s a beefy team…got me to over 2700 cups but my DT keeps me anywhere from 2250-2450,

So yea would be awesome!

Hopefully something that’d come to fruition one day

As much as this one would be great, it’s never going to happen.

They would have to record and store every single battle in a war. With 6 flags a player and the millions of battles involved, the disk storage required for that would cost a fortune.

it doesn’t have to be a video.

most recordings in games nowadays are just the commands used and set parameters. (and is usually kept for a day or two and they ask the player to record what they like)

that’s why some games wipe out recordings when an update related to balance is made, because it will render the reply useless and wont repeat the same fight

Yup, in fact most that happens on our screens is just a visualization of the math running behind the scenes. I am pretty sure each fight we fight could be preserved in a file that’s couple kB of data at most. All we need is to store and have access to that file, and the game engine can play this for us. Storing even millions of that wouldn’t require a top-notch data center - I am pretty sure a regular HDD drive we have on our PC’s could have that capacity. I’ve seen much more complex games doing that, though not in ‘mobile’ environment (but I also do not play any other mobile game).

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Hi @AndyBSG,

It is possible to use the memory of the player’s smartphone. Of course, this is about the base data of the enemy teams, not about the video of the battles.

But how interesting will it be for the player?
Suppose I see that a very weak team has “won” me. What’s next? :slight_smile:

Hi @Suicide_Bunny,

I think you are right. And I think these KBs of data can be saved in your smartphone, no super HDD.

But I have doubts it will be interesting for the players.
Maybe a vote can clear up these doubts? :slight_smile:

How has this conversation ended up on the costume thread? I’m sure it was on the friend battles one, which is what it’s clearly about. Someone been doing random moves? :confused:

This feature will be very helpful and close enormous questions like how this player with 35 lvl and no 5* hero could kill my 75 lvl full emblemed 5* defence on 30 lvl troops.

Nope. It will be NOT video. It’s enough to store moves, field and heroes state with timestamps. This costs very little memory.

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