Replay of enemy raids - Master Thread

“Even with small file sizes they’d have to consider bandwidth, server load, and storage for such a large player population, though. That would add up, certainly enough so to measurably change the infrastructure cost per user.”

Available only to users who has VIP? Hahah, would certainly make user base happy :smiley: (please do consider that as sarcasm)

The thought of it being a feature only for VIP members occured to me, but an awful lot of people already subscribe to VIP without such a feature, so I’m not sure the marginal revenue would be sufficient — I think many people willing to pay directly or indirectly for replay would be likely to have VIP already anyway.

But it would at least reduce somewhat the marginal cost to limit it to paying users.

If they went that route, there would be a healthy debate on the forum about whether it was an unfair advantage or not, I think.

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Cheers, i’m sorta old school

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I must excuse possible typos (rallienglanti) in my posts as having this terrible flu to where i have had to take some meds (vain terveydeksi). Working as IT integration arcitecht so cant really see this as obstacle when it comes to techniques.


20 cats replaying raids :slight_smile:

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This is another thread with a request similar to this one. Instead of watch the defence-raid battles, play raids against our own defence team.

The two requests are complementary each others.

Sorry, this one. I forgot to paste the link.

They are different:

  • “Replay enemy raids”
  • “Battle your own defense team”

As stated before, these two threads are about complementary requests, AFAIK:

  • replay the raid battle AGAINST our defence team to learn how to improve it because at this time we know that our base has been attacked and which result but we do not anything about the battle itself
  • battle against our own defence team to learn how to improve it because at this time we do not have a precise idea how is to be on the other side for the reason explained in the previous point.

Do you agree? That they are two complementary requests toward a broader request that could be described as

  • Development of a training and performance review system of our own defence team against others players raids

Under such point of view these kind of threads could be merged into a broader one.

This is the opening line of this thread.

Fighting your own defense team is different, and therefore can go in a different thread. :slight_smile:

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@rook, I see your point. What about the request of battling for exercising against others allies’ defence teams? Look at the broad picture, from the POV of the developers.

These three are not separates requests but the single one which could be described as:

  • allowing players raid-battling with (a cloned copy of) their own and other allies’ defence teams for improving their own defence team


  • replay the last theee raids received when off-line for better understanding how to improve their own defence team.

After all, you are right. Replaying last 2/3 raids do not fit into the same developments POV but into the same player POV. Under the POV of those manage the forum they are three different requests.

Now, organise them (merging, linking, whatever, etc.) in order to make Editor (another point of view) capable of deciding which set of features are valuable to be implemented add value to the effort of managing the forum.

It is a matter of aggregation (not necessarily merging the thread) under different POVs which probably the tags is a way to do that but another more explicit could be used.

The FIRST request for developers is nothing else that a

  • cloning a copy of a team and propose it into the raid engine

while the second request is:

  • record raid battle events


  • allows raid auto-play engine to follow some instruction


  • forces raid engine to choose the next shields by a predetermined order (replying).

So far, IMHO it would easier to develop the first request that the second one. I have not idea about development effort which depends on the tools and platform, etc. but as concept the first one is simpler (less changes, less debugs, etc).

Because the first one is just CLONING information and proposing them WITHOUT making any other kind of modification about the game engine (rewards could be different, etc. but are details of the specific raids, no engine change).

I hope this helps.

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You might want to refer to the last three defeats suffered in raids received when off-line. Replay of won raids would do you not much good, except for your ego, maybe…

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@Ian487, thank you for the correction and precisation. Obviously, the last 2/3 raids which were negative as outcome.

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@oan487, however I had some raids in which loosing or winning depends by a single shoot. In those cases I had the look to have that shoot, I win. In the other that I received the shoot, I loose

These kind of battles are much more informative that facing an enemy that is much stronger because when the enemy clearly overcome our power (and usually, it depends on his higher levels troops) there is less to learn.

So, generalising. To learn how to improve our defence teams, the best battles to replay are those in which winning or loosing is not a predetermined outcome.

This would also helps developers to better tune the raid-teams matching. Because, I have the sensation that the power of the troops is not correctly kept in account.

Well, for the sake of completeness.

When the troops rank are homogeneous into a team because all the colours might have the same chance to came out – on the great number of battles the power of the team is well definite.

Instead, when a raid-team have one or two troops clearly over-powered respects the others (e.g. 2,1,7,5,1) the chance that (7,5) troops attack rather than (2,1,2) attacks are unbalanced in the single raid. Thus the same enemy, could loose or win just because the colours.

The same happens when an average poor team put in the centered position a very powerful hero. This single choice could lead a complete different outcome respect the hero would be at the border of the team (position 1 or 5).

This means that the power of a raid defence team is NOT the sum of the components but also how they are distributed.

Full replays would cause an enormous server load.

At last it would be enough to see the raiding teams and troops which came along.

To see, if the board was good or bad would be nice, but one can suggest if it has been so or so, if the attackers are showing up.


@Olmor might be right. Video streaming might overload servers. However, any info on the attacking team would be of great help.

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Video streaming would be very resources consuming. The best is to record the actions and shields coming, then everything could be replayed.

Each shield attack (troops attack) has a margin of randomness. The randomness is what make the game interesting and the outcome not mechanically predetermined.

Thus, the problem is to record all those data in such a way randomness would not get anymore in the reply but fidelity to the original one.


Revenge has the aim to give people an opportunity of facing the opponents on reversed side. Thus, is easier for the Game Editor develops the GUI to play against a clone of our own and alliance defence team rather than recording and replaying some raid among users.


The MAIN reason of every successful videogame is ALSO fulfilling the ego of the players. Any game that would make feel players dumb (and we are because otherwise we would spend our time in more educative and profitable activities) has not opportunity to have success.

Ego, dependency (compulsive behaviour) and Pavlov reflects about action-rewards are the MAIN science branches for video game. Extending this concept, video poker and slot machine – video gambling in general – are based on this lack of self-counsciuness to raise money from the players.

@Ian487, I suppose that you have seen some sort of similiraties between shields puzzle and videoslot machines also in terms of sounding. That part of the game is based on the same principles of the video slots. Did you realised this? :innocent:


Revenge tool is a near substitution of the raid replay. Moreover, the revenge of the revenge is a tool that it is in place to lesser the impact of not winning but revenging strategy.

Now, going back to the player’s ego. Each raid winnning brings cups. More cups, more ego reward and top ten is about the number of cups. Everythig is about the ego and competition about egos.

Silence our ego and we will realise that loosing a raid by others weak competitors give us the opportunity of some profitable revenges. Definitely, in term or resources gained – it is better loose cups for resources attracting weaker opponents and win them back later.

This strategy is also a Nash equilibrium which the Editor could not zero but mitigate only. In fact, you win and gain a lot. I win you back and I gain a lot. We both, gain more than what we lost (a part our ego about always winning and having a lot of cups). In this way they gave us free resources.

Not free, we spent our time playing the game. So, we are less dumb than dumber others because we waste our time playing useless game but we did it with a Nash equilibrium unilateral startegy.

Interesting, don’t you? :sunglasses:


Some sort of ability to check the effectiveness of your defense team and its gaps would definitely help - be that replays (not video stream of course but replaying the conditions of the match, saved in numbers), ability to self-attack or just simply some tables with data after each def raid - which heroes did how much damage, how often they fired, in which order they died or killed the enemy etc.

Defense is just too important aspect of the game, and right now it is based mostly on assumptions that something will work (unless you have all the top-def heroes available).

@Suicide_Bunny, so far… The best defence strategy is summoning a very powerful and defensive oriented hero, raise him/her at the best we can and then put in front of our poor/weak team.

Unsurprisingly, this strategy (trying to always win, feeding auper-hero) is what make the game compulsive and over-spending. :joy:

This is another reason because, there is a better chance to see the battle against other people defence team (included a clone of our) than expect to see the replay function for raids.

Don’t know much about slot machines. Life was kind enough to give me the wisdom to keep away from them. I’m f2p here, just along for the ride. That aside, I would really like to be able to see what heroes the enemy used while raiding my defenses. I like the fact that this is a long term game, but I’m starting to feel the pressure of it biting bigger chunks of my social life every day… The deeper in you go, the more time it requires…

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