Replay of enemy raids - Master Thread

Would it be possible to implement a “visual replay” of latest enemy raids? …maybe just the last three?
That could be very helpful to optimize your defense team.


Hi GreySH,

it would be great. Same Idea.


Adding my own support to this idea, replays of defenses would be fantastic as there’s really no way to know what worked or what didn’t… we have no idea even what team the attacker brought since the raid defense team doesn’t really say anything about that let alone actual strategy used or whether it was just lucky gems or if there is something that needs to be addressed.

Long term project as it’s time intensive and potentially expensive on the infrastructure side, but it was an awesome feature in Clash of Clans and I think it’d be very much used here too!


So I log into the game to see that I have successfully defended x times and been defeated y times. I see that sometimes the teams are significantly stronger and sometimes much weaker and results varied significantly. OK, so what? How did they win/lose? Was it a great strategy? A killer team comp? Did they get lucky/unlucky boards? It would be great to get to go into the "Watch"tower and actually watch those battles unfold. The replays could just be stored for a limited amount of time, say 12 hours or so and then permanently deleted. This option is available in many games with arena style team battles and I think it would be a great addition to EnP.


Any chance of getting a “replay” option for raids? I think it’ll help with setting up defense and offense. Can put in the tower when you open it up and see who attacked yoy


Sharing attack or viewing/sharing raid defense would be really nice for three reasons:

  1. it would enable to see / view weaknesses of your attack / defense team and allaince members could help to optimize your team.
  2. it would allow to show successful usage of items/skills and share your best attacks with alliance members.
  3. it would be just plain fun :smile:

I thought it is possible…just klick on the name of an alliance mate and you can see his defense team.
And if he / she want to show you the attack team…just fill the defense team with your attack team klick on “Defense Team” and everything is okay…

But I maid the experience, that not all want a helping advice. I asked one of my members, who made under 1k Titan damage and the answer was: “Everything is fine!”.

Maybe i was abit misleading. i meant replay. changed the topic to more descriptive

I would like to offer something to you. A lot of player wonder how we lose or win in raids and war when we are defending. Is there a possible way to add replay to all of our matches? It will help the game to improve. It’s just a simple recommendation for you. I hope you evaluate my idea. Have a great day.

How about being able to see our defense team in action! Would be cool to see our wins and loses on defense in raids!!

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I’d love that. I would also love to fight it in a simulation with my other players

I like idea . Thats how we can learn by example about setting up proper defense.

Almost every game you can watch how people attack you. as a new person to the game i was completely blown away you cannot see how you were attacked

This is a must

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Wouldn’t you love to know why that player with 400 less power successfully raided you, costing you 50 trophies? Did they use an awesome setup? Did they get lucky boards? Did they just barely beat you? Did the defense AI flip out?

I think have the ability to watch your (both successful and unsuccessful) defenses would be a great improvement to the game. It would certainly bring more strategy into it, as you’d be able to tweak and test based on real data, rather than just guess work.

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@Kerridoc @Rook FYI

Thanks @zephyr1 I looked for it to have been posted before, but didn’t see it.

You’re welcome! It’s a great (and popular) idea that I hope we’ll see added one day…

This game desperately needs option to playback video reviews if you’ve been raided by someone.
In addition to that, you should be able to monitor/watch real time when someone of your guild member is attacking opponent in war. Please, make this happen and i will piss honey

@Strooper12 This is a very popular request that others have asked for many times too:

(@Kerridoc @Rook Possible Merge of Topic)

Hey, cheers zephyr, tried to browse existing threads with my apparently limited skills :confused:

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