Replay of attacks

I’d love to see support for replays built into the game so that I can reevaluate my attack. And it would be even more satisfying to spectate other clan members while playing, be it clan wars or ordinary raid attacks. In short, please give us support for:

  • replays
  • live spectating

Hi, first thread and all or even use of a forum as such?

This topic has been suggested on many other occasions. Try adding to those befire starting a new post.

Continuing a post bring more strength to your comment and others will pay more attention to it where as starting a new post with topics already out there only annoys others as they have to move posts around but also lessen’s your suggestions strengths as a whole.

Your idea is great and Many I of us have requested the same.


This was indeed my 1st post. I did skim over the forum for a little while, but I mainly found others requesting support for live-spectating of clan wars. I wanted to start a more general feature request. Sorry, if this is a duplicate.