Replacing dead Heroes during battle, fighting through whole roster

I’ve had this idea for a while now and finally decided to ask the question

what about having something like a raid, or war setting, or even tournament setting, where what’s the attacking team’s hero dies, another one takes their place? A limit could be set for the maximum number of usable heroes, and the more heroes that are used, the lower your scoring if you win.

As in like a Royal Rumble style fight?

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That would be a great raid mode to replace a dead tank by an opposite colored one.

Maybe a cool tournament rule to replace the first fallen by a hero of the restricted color.

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I´ve had a similar idea and I even think I´ve suggested it :thinking:! My idea was solely about war tho and was about only being able to use your defense once. When first defense is down a new one replace it with other heroes from your roster. Meaning you would need 6 defenses with different heroes (just like attack) and when the final one is dead you can’t be attacked again.

That would shift the meta a bit and would boost the strategic part of the game.

I was thinking this would be more of a one-on-one replacement. As long as you had more heroes you just keep fighting. One flag covers your entire roster. Guvnor, I think you’ve got the idea.

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