Replacing an opponent without warning

Why when I click replay in raids, sometimes the enemy is subject to change without notice. It’s already infuriating. Once before there was a warning that now it is impossible to attack. If there is no warning, it should be a button “replay 2/2 → 1/2 → 0/2” watch tower, where “revenge” for attacking me. (machine translation)

You may do have lag ( connection delay ) that response to your presses after they been actually taken … this may explain what you have.

I feel like this has happened to me but have always chalked it up to user error. It’s frustrating to end up with the wrong heroes on attack because you set up for the previous team.

I have optical fiber, the delay is minimal. I’m not talking about that, and the fact that once previously when clicking “replay” was a warning that an attack is now impossible. It’s like when you press the “revenge” button in the watchtower. You have to wait until the player is out of the game. Now in the raids there is no such warning. (machine translation)

Exactly, and it’s not annoying anymore, it’s already infuriating. And it’s not a bug, it happened after some update. (machine translation)

The player I was attacking saw an alert that he was attacked and entered the game. I automatically change the enemy. And once informed were given the message that now the attack is impossible. And there was a choice, to find another or to wait. So I would like either to return as before, or add a button “replay” in the watchtower. (machine translation)

Maybe I’m not in the right topic to write. Could you tell me the theme you want? It’s probably not a bug, it was once previously. Ceased to be with some updating. (machine translation)

Thanks, publishers. Corrected. For the last three months the first case of the message in raids that it is impossible to attack now. The enemy hasn’t changed. After some waiting, I continued the attack. (machine translation)

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