Replace Proteus, purple mono war attack

Which purple hero would you level to replace Proteus for a mono attack team.

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I’d replace Cyrpian before Proteus. Domita would be the best option to ascend


Cyp is harder to kill and causes damage. I lost count of how many battles she has won for me.

Ok, Domita one vote.

As you progress, the rispote will be less relied upon. I find the mana block a lot more useful, but Domita will be a big help sniping with Sartana. Her dispelling 3 buffs is awesome too.

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War? Raid? Both? 20 salient questions.

Mostly war. I’m not as worried about raids

I am in a similar position to you. My mono purple war attack is:
Tibertus, Clarissa, C.Sartana, Rigard+CB, Proteus

The main issues for me is that Tibs and Proteus are Average speed. This doesn’t seem to be fast enough when I’m facing GM-Telly-Vela teams in war and get an average-to-bad starting board. I’m working on Tib’s costume as well as another mana troop to lvl 5 for him. I’m also thinking of replacing Proteus. That way, all of my heroes can charge in 9 tiles or less.

Imo, I would replace Cyprian before Proteus. Domitia would definitely be an upgrade but honestly, I would do Myztero, especially if you can level another mana troop to 11+ (one for clarissa and one for Myztero). Myztero’s ability is super relevant in the current meta.

Also, pretty sure Cyprian is a male lol

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Honestly, I vote with Chadmo. Ditch Cyp, not Proteus, because the forward outlook for Cyp is not nearly as good. And really, with only 3 Emblems on Proteus, just take another 4* to max lvl. You can swap them whenever appropriate, you don’t really need to think of it as “getting rid” of anyone.

That said, Domitia would be the best conventional choice, good general purpose. You also have Merlin, who is a good alternative to Proteus for mana control, and might give you the direct damage you seem to want. If you like your defense to revolve around Riposte, Tiburtus might also be a contender. Since using Riposte well often means triggering defending specials with tiles, it makes sense to have someone with Shatter out there to make the tiles hurt more. This will also increase your Titan game as a side effect.

I need to be able to do more damage. Sartana is the only one that does real damage. Clarissa does some as well but that’s it. When I’m attacking a team that 4200 TP plus it’s not enough especially if it’s field aid.

Cyp is a dude? He wouldn’t do well in prison.

If you look at Cyp’s full costume, she’s got boobs.

The caption for Cyprian is “Deathbound Lord”. I guess it’s possible that for this one Hero SGG went for a politically correct gender neutral approach, while everything else is highly gender specific… but somehow, I doubt it.

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Not, boobs, beveled deflectors. Kinda like this vertical crease:

Earlier versions favoured the horizontal crease across the chest, much like what Cyp’s wearing. Later versions favoured the vertical “ship’s prow” look seen here, in a style made famous (in the West) by the Spanish Conquistadors.


While Domitia is a solid choice, I would actually go with costume Tiburtus first. I have found him to be very useful. Also, I agree with previous posters that I would replace Cyprian before Proteus. Bottom line though, do whatever will be the most fun for your play style. If that means continuing to use Cyprian, then do so. Fun fact: Cyprian was my first ever 4* hero, so I will always have a soft spot for him. :sunglasses:


Yeah I’d move cyprian out instead as said stoping the mana is more important. Cyrpain done me good at the start but only makes it to my final war team where him elena sumintio and 2 others depending. Its my riposte team

The overwhelming vote was to keep proteus and relegate Cyp who is a dude with a boob plate. Dom seems to have the most votes followed by Tibs. I’ll probably do Tibs since I have the costume, a bunch of blems and the materials to max him.

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Proteus is someone I don’t want to go against…
Plenty of loss…
I want him… badly…

You have nice DEATH force :wink:

I would second Tiburtus and use his costume for defense but for offense I would use his regular one.

I love Rangers, and combining Tiburtus with Costume Rigard is a good way to bypass stuff, it has helped me a lot. I love the same in my green team too with Evelyn and Lianna (green/purple combination of rangers on offense is great)

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My team has changed a bit since September

I’d give the lvl 14 mana troop to Clarissa instead of Bera.

How do you like Bera offensively on that team btw? When I was making the choice between ascending Freya or Bera, I ultimately chose Freya first b/c more often than not, when I used Bera against Telluria tanks in war, Telluria would always fire before I could get Bera off.