Replace Epic hero summon

Epic hero summon has become redundant and is a trap for new players who don’t realise there are better ways to spend and summon.

Surely there us a thread for this? Lets pool ideas.

  • Rotating curated summon: SG pick a small selection of 3,4 and 5 star heros sometimes including past hotm or S2 heroes. This allows players to target certain heroes they really want and see an interesting selection each rotation.

  • Keep as is, is but introduce past hotm or at least very old ones, eg have been out for over 6 months or rotated through atlantis twice already.

  • Double chance 5* and 4* summon for s1 heroes but make epic hero tokens more rare. This would also make the s1 ending reward feel more valuable to new players.

More suggestions?

Just linking this related thread: Why does the Epic Hero Summon even exist?


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