Replace BT. Yes or no?

Sorry are you trying to argue that it would be stupid to put tiburtus to the left of richard and scarlett? rather than the other way around?

Lets assume you are right and that tiburtus would only ever load up simultaniously to any one of the other 3 damage dealing heroes in this roster once every 100 battles ( I hope you see how absurd your claim is that it is just 1% ) then putting tiburtus left would be better in at least 1% of the raids. So unless a different order is better for some other reason there is no reason to not put him on the left.

I am thinking that I would rather have the best possible order to punish an opponents unlucky cascade rather than ingore it all together just to go against the grain. There are many things to consider when setting up a defence team and order of fire is one of those things. It isn’t the most important thing but to dismiss it entirely is something that I happen to find amusing. Anyone with a decent IQ would at least take it into consideration.

I take it into consideration, but only for the wings. The flanks are almost always hit in a different way, therefore will fire based on hits, not the position. The priority for me when setting the two flanks is the colour. If my left wing is Seshat, then yellow will be my left flank (Drake in my case). If Alby would be my left wing, I will definitely set red as left flank, not purple. But this is me. Yoy can do whatever you want, no one stops you :slight_smile:

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I hear you. I saw the conflict between firing order and color proximity, so I could see leaving Tibs where he is. I contemplate this with Alby a lot. Everyone puts him on left wing, but I have him on left flank (BT tank) with Triton on left wing. So I’m trying to address color proximity and firing order at the same time. Ariel is right flank, and I put Proteus on right wing as he has lower def even with the family bonus.

I do see the 1% logic as well.

I think it still boils down to trial and error. Then again, that can be flawed too because your trials are not going to be consistent team power, heroes, strategy, etc. So, maybe TOO random with too many factors to account for at once. So build your assumption into your trial and focus on one factor at a time?

I dunno.

Almost all players set Alby on the wing because 2 main reasons. First, it is harder to take out. Almost everyone focus on him, knowing the danger he represents. The second reason, his resurrection skill has way greater chance (assuming when he fires, the middle is dead).

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Is Wilbur a better alternative to bt than Scarlett?

Why would you replace BT with Wilbur? This would be a mistake. Unless Poseidon is finished, I couldn’t see any reason. Because is fighter too and then maybe… But not yet.

Yes what I’m looking for is another red which is not a fighter… So i can switch my emblems on Poseidon

Hey @AnRui, I feel like you’ve gotten a lot of responses here without telling anyone what your objective is. If it is just to shift Fighter emblems from Boldtusk to Poseidon, then I think the best (in terms of if anyone is talented) of Kelile / Colen / Scarlett is fine.

In contrast, if your objective were to hold Diamond Arena, then I’d say you just need to finish leveling your five stars and that’ll probably be enough.

If it’s to have the toughest war defense, then I think we need to know about if you alliance has color coordinated tanks and whatnot.

All that said, I suggest against resetting Boldtusk - his life usage is very long: he’ll probably still provide great value to you in wars, raid tournaments, and quite possibly titans and events. It’s fine to give all new emblems to Poseidon, but I’d caution you against burning a reset token (or incurring the emblem lost) and wasting all the food and iron you already invested to take Boldtusk to +6.


My objective is to hold diamond with the best defense possible while i don’t waste my efforts with too many heroes.
I just maxed alby and richard next to tibs and bt and next in line is poseidon for whom i still lack 1 dart.
I was afraid that for defense having bt next to alby is too much healing and therefore changing bt with a more offensive and punishing hero was for the best.
But as of now i still don’t have a clear idea on what to level next. That’s why I’m leveling Wilbur and wukong to 70 since they’re always good for titans.
Maybe in the mean time i can get something new.
Thank you for everybody’s feedback. You’ve been helpful. It’s so good that we can rely on such a helpful and active community.

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Okay, then I’d suggest not worrying about it until you at least take Poseidon through his final ascension. Even with Alberich and Richard at max I am concerned you lack the striking power to hold Diamond. It may be that you can occasionally / often open your chest in Diamond, and that’s actually a GREAT place to be. But until Poseidon is maxed, this defense will be on (and possibly beyond) the weaker end of defenses I run into. I mean no offense, but I see you definitely want accurate feedback, and mine is that I would attack this without hesitation. Later on that may not be the case, but a non-maxed sniper is just not terribly threatening.


No offense at all, I’m asking for feedback and you gave it to me. Do you think with Poseidon maxed i can hold diamond with what i have currently?

P.s. I started the game in July that’s why on certain stuff i don’t have that much experience

Without seeing the rest of your roster, you need to have all 5 heroes to be 5* to have probably 50-60% chance hold defense in diamond.

Offense is something else and you can reach diamond with only 4* heroes.

So yes, the more 5* you have the better. I am not counting war depth. Only from pure raiding point of view.

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Yeah, it’s tough to say. Once maxed, with what you listed I’d be pretty confident you’d at least be able to open most / all of your chests in Diamond (it would depend more on how you time it I think). Holding it overnight is tricky, especially because the Red Queen known as emblems stalks us all. Any team without an emblemed tank looks pretty weak right now (compared to the rest). Any team with a four star hero in any spot (even heavily emblemed) has a distinct liability. And Diamond players are great at exploiting those flaws.

I’d be a bit concerned that two four stars probably means no - you’ll still get kicked out overnight, though maybe not every night. Also, as @AirHawk says, it’ll really come down more to your attack heroes. If you have a solid 3tack tank busting team in every element, that’ll do a lot for you - possibly more than your defense, which is already serviceable.


I wouldn’t take emblems from BT. If anything just start giving the to Poseidon if you want.

I don’t really have that luxary so my BT is +19 and very healthy. He can hang with the best.

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You don’t take part in alliance wars then I’m guessing? I have a variety of 5’s, 4’s and 3’s (well over 30 and all but about ~8 get a run every now and then). A team/5 extra hero slot is cheap to buy and you never get your investment back feeding levelled or partly levelled heroes. Most 3’s only get out in tournaments but still pay their way.

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Of course i join alliance wars.i do pretty good on my first 4 attacks and struggle on my latter attacks

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