Replace BT. Yes or no?

Should i replace bt with more damage for my defense team? I have Scarlett,Kelile,Colen Wilbur Gormek.
Thanks in advance

Scarlett and Gormek have already their equivalents in your defense. If you have an emblemed Kelile, would be awesome. She’s fast, sniper and most important, she’s rogue. So I would replace BT as long as you have Alby in his best position.


One more thing… Do you think i will lack heals with only alby in the lineup? What would you do… Stay with bt or emblem kelile?

Personally, I like having a healer. That being said, as a healer BT is not outstanding compared to others (Renfeld Rigard, Melendor, Sabina). He does bring the big attack buff too, which is immense.

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Replace with Scarlett

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Even though i have Richard?

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Er, you might have meant Rigard? Rigard is ace. Renfield… not so much.

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No i meant Richard

Right. Rigard.

I’d just been discussing Renfeld on another thread. Duh.


You meant Richard. nevarmaor almost certainly didn’t :wink:

Edit: confirmed. Didn’t!


This is pretty much what I’d been saying elsewhere too.

Haha ok i got it…
So scarlett instead of bt would work better?

Is this defense I am assuming?

I like BT there. You can deal quite a bit of damage with what you have.

I have been raiding with a ~4250 team with BT +19 and have been taking out some 4400+ teams. I actually reroll to find them cuz its fun.

I run Drake +10 Khiona +9 Onatel +9 Seshat +5 BT +19 and it is good fun.


Thank u… Would you use Bt tank or flank with Richard tank?

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I think I like Richard there. Maxed with emblems he is pretty tough.

I still have my richard at 70 but don’t need a tank. Not sure when I will max him. Scopes are tough for me. But so are blue 5* hero’s lol

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Thank you pal… Much appreciated.
And thanks to everyone else too

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That is the wonderful thing about the forum. You will get all kinds of ideas from all kind of players. You just need to look at them all and see what works for you.

Or even try a couple of them to see what you like better.

Lots of great players here giving great advice to everyone.


Yes even with Richard. With Richard in the front but basing on mana speed Scarlett can fire after Richard keeping enemy attacks at bay. Running Albi and BT makes your team lacking in attack power.

I would move Tibs to be between Alby and Richard, too. That way you debuff def before Richard or Scarlett Fire. Assuming you replace BT with her. It also separates your dark/holy too.

How do you know the opponent won’t make more combinations in the right side, therefore the right flank will fire first??

Just to understand everyone how this works. The positioning heroes from left to right, to fire in that order, is working perhaps in 1% of battles. The heroes are hit more than others will fire first (assuming the mana speed is the same).

The ONLY situation when the heroes positioning matters, is when they are charged all together at the same time. How often is this happen? It amuses me every time when I read on this forum that left will fire first. Yes, it will, but only in very rare situations (mostly when cascades happen). In the most battles, the flank which is hit more than the other will fire first. Besides, an opponent with a decent IQ, will avoid a side with a very dangerous flank when will do combinations.