Repetition repetition

I’ve been playing for a couple of years. The last few months I have noticed changes within my own attention within the game.

Admittedly, it was aggravating facing off against teams 300-500 + power in raids with déjà vu tanks. The satisfaction of defeating the team was ebbing due to the same heroes appearing.

Ok, so I’m sad to consider creating an attack team rather than going mono all the time.

The excitement and anticipation of a summons has been out weighed by the perpetual hunt for mats. But, I dare not bring up that old chestnut. I made that mistake in the first 6 months of playing Empires. It’s not even the lack of heroes to ascend. The truth is I can’t! I have 13 x 5* heroes patiently waiting on the bench.

The path of valor could be pushed to quarterly? It’s just more subtle pressure upon my purse. I’m FINALLY on the last few days of levelling the academy to swap legendary heroes. Omg. EVERYTHING has to be fully levelled to do it. After trying out the 4* trainer and creating three (yep in a row) Li Xui I figured I couldn’t take anymore excitement and would wait for the legendary.

I’m tired of losing wars because members haven’t used flags. There’s always a good reason. But it’s still frustrating.

The chat system is clunky and very limiting. Even being able to email between players through the game would be 100% improvement.

What I need is Sartana and Grimm to take me out on the town and tell me it’s just a phase and the game will pick up the pace again. Mats will drop just a little more regularly - epic not rare…

You see, instead of my face being stuck in the game and just looking up to eat, I’m noticing it’s issues. Some have always been there of course. But the “fun” used to hide or distort them whereas now they are quite apparent. The game has become a race to gather as many heroes in as many ways as possible. A screaming juvenile demanding extra pocket money.

But if the little bugger is always screaming, she’ll get ignored. I do believe the problem could be Empires and Puzzles has become this screaming little girl.


My understanding is mats were a lot more freely available earlier days in the game. For us now, its painfully slow

As if having the gems, the luck to pull the heros, the ham, iron, feeders (requiring lots of investment and time getting buildings up to scratch), isn’t enough… you then can’t even use your shiny new toy for several months on end and you’re forced to pick between several heros instead of being able to freely choose and play with who you like. Its just really tiresome. Allow versatility of team set ups by removing this chokehold on ascension materials

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I’ve been playing daily for the last almost 2.5 years and never noticed any change in the ascension mats apearence rate. Maybe before that… Now, at it aleays have been for me, sometimes you go for month with no 4* AM’s (except rare quests, of course) and sometimes you get two in the same day. Totally random… I’ve lost 8* titans that brought me better loot that defeated 10* and got rings and EHT from the same mystic vision… I’ve had 4*AM’s from regular monster chests and elemental chests with nothing worth mentioning in them…The riget question is, do you feel lucky?


Regarding ascension materials, I find that they’re plentiful once you can kill 10* or higher titans with any form of consistency. If you can’t do that yet as an alliance it is a struggle

My experience anyways


Thanks for the comments.
Yes perhaps hitting bigger titans would help. Currently around 6/7 *. Not sure I have the motivation to pursue a new alliance right now.

As @DaveCozy says, higher titans are the best resource in terms of high end mats. Regarding the other potential avenues…I’m not sure there is any doubt the previously (almost) garunteed drop for 4* mats, the elemental chest, is now…meh…to say the very least

We can skip the whole “they never said in update release notes” spiel about nerfing the chest, but thousands upon thousands of players aren’t all suffering from a mass delusion. Or conformation bias.

Anyhoo…fight bigger titans. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I have been killing12+ star titans for the last year pretty much every day. That is not my experience, I think only one 4* AM per month on average from Titans, and certainly more from other sources.

I guess it depends on what you think is a lot or enough? I could certainly use more


One 4* mat/month is more than most farming under 10* titans, in my experience. The randomness of which particular mat you need notwithstanding, 12 AM a year, minimum from titans, would certainly help I’d have thought.

4* mats have always been like this in my experience. The game seems to drip feed them at a rate that isn’t too fast and isn’t too slow.

Sometimes it will chuck a pile at you, like when I ascended Joon a month ago and used all my Darts. I’m back to 4 Darts in that month and all the other mats have been steadily growing. Just got my 6th Tabbard again last night from the Titan chest.

But it can be painful too and I get that. I had 5 rings when I ascended Joon. I still have 5 rings. If you had a Red a you desperately wanted to ascended that would become annoying.

But patience has always been the main requirement of this game. Mount Umber is near and there’s Rings to chase in Grimforest too.

But I do agree with Dave, since hitting 12*+ Titans in my new Alliance the 4* mats have been more plentiful as I’ve ascended more 5* in the last 3 months than the previous 3 months.

It’s all anecdotal as different people have different luck but the resources to level said 5* are so big I couldn’t do 1 week even if it gave me the mats to do it. My current supply is below and FWIW I nearly always get a 3* unfarmable from a Titan. Often 2 or more. Best has been 4 of them. If that’s your pinch point, join an active alliance that’s good at taking our Titans and have some fun :slight_smile:

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Thanks for your feedback. Very much appreciated.

It’s actually fun to see what I’ve had since in the month.

I’ve ascended a red and purple hero so used 2 time’s which have been replaced. I’ve had 5 more Scopes and finally got the 6th tonic.

Darts I got back to 6 again and used. 2 more Tabbards.

I’ve not bought an offer with a 4* either.

So since my last post I think that’s 15 4* mats from the game.

So they come, just like a dripping tap rather than a hose pipe

Go for the social aspects like wars, titans, ally banter and maybe external chat. That definitely is the fun part of the game. If you’re in an alliance that is boring, try visiting the recruitment section to find a new home for your needs.

Don’t mind summoning and ascending heroes. After more than 2 years you should have either too many heroes or too many mats depending of your play style and how much you spend.

This game is a way with no goal. Take a smooth walk, pick the flowers of your choice and chill whenever you want to.


I am hearing you there. I stopped doing pulls because of lack of Mats, SG are missing a trick.

Yeah, I don’t get it, except… I started playing about 7 months ago and came out spending like a mad man. So I wonder if I have been put into this pit of spenders that SG barely dribbles mats out for because they figure they can wave them under our nose and buy them. I have 15 or 18 3-70’s and as many 3-60’s. And just so happens, the last 3 days of my POV crashed to a halt and ill end 100 points from a tabard and telescope. Haven’t gotten either one in like 2 months. A play a lot and play everything. Wars, tournaments, all quests, fight titans, everything. I’ve had a total of 5 tomes, 8 darts, 11 tabards, 8 telescopes, 7 rings, 7 months of heavy play and spending.

Where did you hear this? I started playing 2 years and 9 months ago and mats are available from many more sources today than back then. And yes, I have been getting them on a more regular basis now than back then. Painfully slow, but more painfully slow to my mind earlier. Last week I got a scope from a raid chest. My whole first year I was running a severe shortage of compasses. COMPASSES were holding me back! Now I have dozens in surplus.


Whenever I read of loot being better at the start of Empires, I always (wrongly) assume the player is referring to the Elemental Chest. I missed the launch of Empires by 5 months-ish, and to my mind, the EC had way, way better loot at that time. The majority of times (I’d go at 70 - 80%) it would have a 4* mat and EHT’s. Nowadays, or at least up until I bailed, the EC was/is a bad joke.

I know this has been discussed to death on the forums and SG have NEVER stated the chest has been nerfed, but unless thousands upon thousands of players are all suffering the same confirmation bias/mass delusion, I’m not so sure tbh.

Cue someone posting a screen grab of their EC containing 5x 4* AMs :roll_eyes:

Perhaps I just didn’t get elemental chests at the beginning frequently enough to register the loot was that much better. I was lucky to fill one chest a day early on, elemental chests seemed few and far between. They still do seem few and far between, and I only occasionally get decent loot from them. I just cannot recall it being that much better early on.

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