Repeated heroes in the convocations-SOLVED

For the love of God. Look at these calls. You may just be in error. There is no way to make 6 calls and 3 Banes and 3 Dawa this is not normal. I used it to train with rage. If not, I would not even give up the game of rage. I finished with my gems. Very sad. And please… we are with heroes stopped to upar because we do not receive the spolios appropriate to the bus even if they are not only buying. thanks

There you go, not an error, just bad luck.

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But we are very sad. I think I already made about 13 yellow calls and 1 did not come. Neither Amarela nor Verde.Dawa already came a 6 :frowning:

Call I bad luck or whatever. I been playing this game for a long time daily yet…

I have only seen 6 compass in my entire gaming. Really? I can’t ascend any 4 or 5* Heroes. I’m near lv 40 but my teammates at lv 20+ can field stronger teams in AW. Suggest a buy in system. 4 to 1. I turn in 4 ascention items of the same * value to gain 1 item. So if I want a compass I trade in 4 3* ascention items. Even 6 to 1. Something.

Or just may compasses a item to buy. This is really becoming a sad comedy for me. My teammates would gladly trade them to me if we had a trade system. They are sitting on dozens. Me nothing.


I have the same problem. Tonns of 3/60 4*, 8 fine gloves and 0 compass. Since i started playing almost 4 months ago I did finde ONE compas…in 4 months…thats bullsh**!! I gathered 3 compasses from Quests and event. But getting only 1 of the most necessary items in 4 months in random events (titan/chest/war/MV) rly saxx!

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found the idea very good. could actually have a system of exchange or creation of this type of spoil. We love this game but we need evolve in game.

@seanapdaniel, @Maaeetz
That is why I voted for this suggestion ( even if I suggest a more team friendly method in the replies ):


23 call … 16 hawk 6 scarlett 1 colen … 0 grawemaker

I still think there is an error in the game. That kind of thing is not normal. It’s wrong

Fantastic idea. I really hope the devs are listening.

If those numbers are not made up the portal is pretty much broken…

is no longer an elemental summon in this game. This is not bad luck. there is a serious error in the probabilities of the game. I made two further calls to Dawa again and Gan Ju. This is absurd. You know what happens. a person gives up investing in the game. Oh yeah, it breaks. For whom if you invest your money. Wait for a comeback. ZERO of return in more than NINE summons.

Nine 3* is a bit unlucky but far from unusual. Guessing at a 25% chance of doing better than a 3*, which is probably too high, it’s about 7.5% probability, or 1 chance in 13 of happening.

I did 6 epic summons, NOT elemental, and got 4 Kailani and 2 Dawa.
Sure, I got a 5* hero once but again, I did 6 epic (not elemental) summons and got 6 fire heroes!?

If a game behave like this, it’s not because of bad luck, it’s because of bad coding and greedy game developers!

And the problem and the way people will give up investing. Why do not you say you have gems to get angry? Because to me this kind of concoction is rubbish. this is wrong

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