Repeat Quests?

I am getting tired of seeing Recruits 1 & 2 for quests. Been seeing a lot of Gem quests 1 & 2 also. What I want to see is Experience quests. I have done Recruits and Gem quests atleast 3 or 4 times in the last 2 weeks. Get it together developers. Quit with the updates and give us something that is not a repeat.

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We had an experience quest yesterday. Wouldn’t another one today be a repeat? :stuck_out_tongue:
There’re only a limited number of daily quests, so repeats are inevitable. Excluding the roughly weekly rare quests, there are just quests for iron, food, other crafting components, battle items, recruits, gems and experience, some with higher level uncommon variants. Getting more than one of each general type per week is inevitable. More variety might be nice, but these are a part of the basic beginners portion of the game, and I for one would rather see more of the planned advanced content, such as season 2, or the other two monthly events.
I also suspect most people would disagree with your distaste for gem quests, because gems are the in-game currency, and are useful for quite a number of things.


I understand where you are coming from. Yes gems are good but when my recruits are full and all my training camps are running at full capacity then what. I get a little bit of food, iron and exp. from the recruits quest. It gets old after awhile. And yes they need to get Season 2 up and running.

I call it “randomly selection”…

What do you mean your recruits are full?

Just toss them all into TrainingCamp lvl4 or lvl11 for storage. You can litterally never have too many recruits.


Complaining about too many gem quests? :joy:

I’ll take yours if you dont want it! Those and Recruits II are literally the best common/uncommon questlines


those quests are all usefull but we’ve been doing the same ones since they came out…

how about quests with trainer heroes? 1 and 2 star heroes? troops?

the list goes on

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I made a suggestion before about possible missions like, finishing 20 Common Quests for gems or avatars or finish 10 Uncommon Quests for gems or avatars.

Missions like that will add more value to the quests. Unpopular quests will also be finished.

Someone already made a request for trainer hero quests due to AW coming out.

Yeah yeah, we want more “mine iron” quests :roll_eyes:

Err. No. Gems quests and recruits (2) are the best quests.

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Rekru II is only valuable when it has the troop token. Without the token only level 1 is worth the energy

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Yeahhhhhh, no.

… Well, maybe if you’ve got no heroes to level, but who’s got that problem?

Yes. That’s very true, and that alone makes them better than the rest of the quests where no level at all is worth doing :slight_smile:.

No. If you farm 8-7 for that energy you get nearly the same amount of recruits, more items and mats and more rolls on feederheroes.

Thats the reason why some Quests are not worth it finishing and thus need an overhaul to give players incentive and a real reward for completeing. A worse loot than farming map provinces is a joke…

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