Repeat costumes on the same 10 pull

If it’s not a bug and it’s intentional it’s crap. I did multiple 10 pulls for costumes. Everytime I got two to three multiples of the same costumes. I get getting multiples throughout multiple 10 pulls but in the same pull. One of them I got three banes, 2 hawkmoons and 2 gunners. Sorry but in one 10 pull that’s ridiculous. I hope it’s a bug that gets fixed and not intensional.

The info they posted was they only released 5 or so counts for 3*,4*, 5*. So you’ll get tons of duplicates on 10 pulls.
Not worth that money

It’s like every other summon, but there aren’t many costumes now, so even higher chance to get dupes.

Level each costume with its duplicates to get massive xp and 50% special up chance per fed dress.

You only need 5 duplicates to max a costume.

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It is intentional.

3*: 70%, 5 costumes
4*: 26%, 7 costumes
5*: 4%, 8 costumes

If you do a ten pull, you should expect seven 3* costumes. With only five choices, you are guaranteed at least two duplicates.


*Flips a coin 10 times
…complains about heads showing up more than once. :rofl:


It’s not a bug… Its Random.

Your duplicate costumes can be used as fodder for other costume leveling up. Gives a massive Exp bonus. See here:


@Rook, @littleKAF or @zephyr1, please close/ merge to another thread. its not a bug or issue.

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