Repair Attack Heroes (damage to all) against Titan

This type of hero is almost useless to use against Titan. This imbalance can be corrected by considering Titan two or three goals so that it can benefit from this kind of heroes

Such heroes have different uses. It’s just a matter of picking the right hero for the job - some are great for titans, but lousy defenders for example, while others are bad for anythjng but defense in wars and raids.

This is not true. Titans are about gem damage, not damage from specials.

So specials that give you survivability or additional gem damage are generally good.

Isarnia is amazing on titans, Khiona and drake are good, Zeline ain’t bad… etc. Several single hitters are bad on titans…

Heroes have weaknesses and strenghts, not all of them should be good for everything this game has to offer


Each hero is good for a certain (or certains) task.

Sometimes you have to play with what you have but well, try to expand your roster. Or if you want to focus on Titans then make sure to lvl up the heroes that are good for them as a priority.

AoE heroes are just as useful as any other hero on titans as long as they have a high attack stat. For titans, it’s all about the tile damage; the heroes with the highest attack stats, that are also strong vs that element, are the best for the job. + Attack Buff + Defense Lower + Elemental Defense Lower + Wu/Tarlak

To name a few, Isarnia is amazing for titans since she lowers defense and has a high attack stat. Azlar and Quintus also have high attack stats. Justice, Kadilen and Horghall, not so much.

You will see a lot more cumulative damage from tiles compared to specials, so that’s where I would focus your energy.