Reorganization of the Mother North special skill

In order for Mother North to be equal to the other resurrected heroes (Alberitch and Heindall), I request that the possibility of reorganizing the special skill be analyzed, without the need for a nerf or buff (the values ​​remain unchanged) as follows:

Current mode (as it is on the card):

  • Recovers 30% of all allies’ health.
  • Each fallen ally has a 50% chance to be revived with 10% HP.
  • Summons and Elf Minion for each ally with 10% HP and 10% attack inherited from the caster.

After reorganization:

  • Each fallen ally has a 50% chance to be revived with 10% HP.
  • Recovers 30% of all allies’ health.
  • Summons and Elf Minion for each ally with 10% HP and 10% attack inherited from the caster.

This reorganization is necessary for the proper alignment with their equivalents Alberitch and Heindall, being these 3 (Mother North, Alberitch and Heindall) the only ones that resurrect allies, they are of the element nature and slow mana recovery.

I hope that the community and SGG will read and listen to our claims.


I’ll play devil’s advocate.

Essentially you’re asking to revive the health at 40%, or maybe around 50% when you include the minion contribution. Keep in mind that there’s a 50% chance of revival.

In comparison:
Mother North (current): 50% chance of revival with 10% health +10% HP/attack Elf Minion
Alberich: 33% chance of revival with 23% health + 612HP regen over 4 turns.
Heimdall: 20% chance of revival with 30% health + 30% attack boost

Right now the tradeoff is health vs chance of revival: the higher the chance, the lower the health.

When you include the elf minion, MN is fairly close to health provided by Alberich, although he has a regen. However, that’s easily dispelled.

Switching the order would pretty much make Mother North the only reviver worth having since she would give the highest chance of revive, and highest HP upon resurrection.


Exactly this. Her 50% chance is the reason the heal doesn’t come after otherwise she would be great and shoulders above the other 2

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I fully understand this point, but the heroes I have mentioned are slightly above Mother North when it comes to healing, which incidentally comes after the resurrection, which is not the case with Mother North.

But the minions balance it out when you consider she has a high chance to revive.

You want the possibility of 4 heroes being resurrected to 30% health, then given a minion each that again basically gives them more health on top.

Would be way too powerful I’m afraid mate


Nope, Heimdall boosts health, and then revives.

Effect 1

Boosts health of all allies by 500. If health exceeds max HP, it is added as temporary HP. Max temporary HP is 100% of max HP. Boosted health counters max HP reduction.

Effect 2

Each fallen ally has a 20% chance to get revived with 30% HP.

Effect 3

All allies get +30% attack for 4 turns.

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An eventual reduction in the percentage of resurrection from 50% to 40% and keeping the cure at 30% with the reorganization would be more appropriate … it is equal to the others.

Personally this is my take on it too;

If MoNo was to be “reorganized” (er… reorganised) she would need to have the % revive dropped off (reduced)… in which case she loses that which makes her unique (the high % chance)


@Guvnor Removing the % revive would end the hero … it would be just another ordinary and dull hero :flushed:

Dropped off meaning reduced… Not dropped off as in removed.

I share the same sentiments laid by @Quinn3. Re-organizing Mother North’s skills to that as wished by OP would make her the ultimate rezzer as she would provided resurrected allies a 40% health on top of the minions. She already has the most % chance of resurrecting dead allies at 50% while Albe is only at 1/3 of the time and Heimdall only at 1/5 of the time. In my honest view, each of them has something unique to offer and for that, no one of them is clearly head over shoulders from the rest. Mother North resurrects half the time, with instant heal and minions. Alberich resurrects a third of the time, with dispellable HoT and mana regeneration. Heimdall resurrects a fifth of the time but boosts health and buffs attack and with very very very good tanky stats.

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I notice that the opinions are very solid, with views from different angles, I like this interaction and high-level debate, build a solid opinion that will help many … thanks :+1:

Agreed with much of the above - Mother North is already one of the strongest support/healer/revivers of the game. If you strengthened her with this change, she would be an absolute must-have/must-play - though for many, she already is.

Alberich is by far the weakest of all three. I have Albert and Heimdall. Albert, if he revives someone, it must be a celebration - very rarely. Heimdall and Albert are two completely different cards that do something else. Heimdall is sclerotic and forgets his ability to resurrect because he hardly ever does. Mother , on the other hand, does it very often compared to them.

This. See discussions

(Mother North vs Alberich: are they about equal or is one better?)

Rumor from Beta is many of original Mother North v0.1 to v0.5 (?) did revive then heal.

But like Tarlak v0.1 stacking with Wu Kong, is was recognized as broken and changed.

Bonus nightmare, Winter heroes were reportedly very hard to balance since they originally had Seshat’s cloning minions.

Dang. @zephyr1 joined 2018-Oct so no helpful 2018-Dec Beta Beat


Click for notes


Due to lack of Beta Beat documentation, this cannot be confirmed.

However, reliable sources say original Winter heroes suffered an unusually high number of tweaks, especially special skill execution order, when first released in Beta.

But Classes ( with Thorn minions ), and several complex 5* HotM, were also recently released ( classes ) or highly discussed ( 5* HotM ) so tracking changes were further complicated.

First Beta Beat?

(🧪 The Beta Beat (v21) [NOW RELEASED] – Sharing the Big Picture on What's Going on in Beta (an experiment))

We miss you @zephyr1

Beta Beat, origin story

(Season 3 beta testing: summary of a decline)



It is undeniable that MN is one of the coveted heroes, but it is currently lagging behind Heindall, even because Heindall is accessible on the Valhalla portal monthly … Alberitch is a past Hotm accessible only on ToL and HA10 if you are lucky. …NM only at the Christmas event … therefore they are rare and difficult to call.

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