Reorder Akkorog's special skills

Pretty simple idea. Reorder Akkorog’s skills so that he hits first then shuffles the heroes around. By shuffling first it works against him too frequently being a hit 3 hero so that his shuffling becomes more of a liability to him than it does to the other team. And can possibly be a benefit to the other team when it limits Akkorog’s effectiveness.
If he hit first then shuffled you could plan your hits better and still have the benefit of shuffling the defense around.

If he did more damage like Kilhare does then I could see the shuffling being an offset to him being too OP. As he stands now his damage output doesn’t seem to warrant a detriment to his ability to hit the enemy team.

Either that or increase his damage output by a significant amount. 280% is too weak for a ‘rng’ type of skill. He needs to hit at least 350% so that his first attack is khagan levels of damage (380%) at fast before it mellows back to 350%. Then that reshuffling drawback would be reasonable


Weaken his skill to 250% and turn it AOE

As it stands you are better to target an outer edge hero as you have a 75% change to hit 3 as opposed to targettong a centre hero which gives 50% chance to hit 3 (assumption is everyone moves).

The way he is written reordering heroes is his main game…


New raid formations are also a detriment for his skill. In a double or reverse double lineup, you have to deliberately miss the center hero with only a 25% chance of hitting all 5. I don’t like the odds. I’d rather take a hit-3 and aim straight for the tank.

I was lucky enough to draw him but he is still sitting at 1/1 due to the strange special…

Aiming at the edges doesn’t work because sometimes the target gets reshuffled into the same position. It has been tested and proven. So it doesn’t matter when you aim his skill.
Him hitting harder than 280% is what I think he needs right now.

it can be an advantage if you have already killed heroes, maybe the tank and a flank, by shuffling the remaining heroes, you have the possibility to have them close and hit them all.

Players having him would agree to the OP. Players (like me) without this hero do not agree having such changes.

So there’s that.

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He is powerful enough as is with the high attack stat. You cannot compare a hero that has no downside to Killhare, she only gets a high % attack because it is paired with a defense down on allies. Akkorog’s skill IMO is well balanced, the order in its current form provides a slight handicap. If the order was removed, then his attack stat should be lowered or % lowered.

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So if heroes can remain in same position the percentage moves from being 75% chance if targeting edges down to a flat 60% chance of hitting 3 no matter which hero you target.

Pick the hero you want to hurt and live with a 40% chance that you will only hit them and 1 other…guaranteed to hit 2 with 60% chance to hit 3 if all 5 are in play…these obviously go down as you kill your opposition…

But then you would rather use a sniper at that point to aim at the target you want to instead of spreading unreliable amounts of damage.
Nevertheless, akkarog would be much better with the new double formations as the minimum targets he’ll be hitting is 3 even if he targets at the wings


Yes something needs to be done for that hero. If a lot of people are complaining that is for some reasons SG should change something.
A small improvement would be quite fair…
Whatch some videos on him on internet…as of now he is pretty disapointing…

I think animation effect will be pretty weird if his special skills is reordered.

Anyway, I agree that SG should reorder his special skills .

I am fairly neutral on this - I can see both sides of the argument. But a lot of people complaining about the same thing has never meant that they are right…

Not necessarily.

You see a lot of Sif’s in the middle-type formations… you hit once of those teams and there is an 80% chance that Sif’s effectiveness (and by extension the effectiveness of the team) is greatly reduced. Similarly for any hit-3 heroes placed in the center of those positions

what if he was lowered to 270 and given blind to the same 3? Would that be enough or would that be dang good???

I don’t see the point in lowering his attack stats. Musashi does 332% with high attack and no downside every single special.
Akkorog got already the disadvantage in his special now, so hitting first and then reshuffle heroes wouldnt make him OP.

I think some are underestimating the benefit from his passive - adding 30% power to his first hit means he hits 3 harder than Musashi’s best hit, and Musashi is 50% for the other two. I raided against him earlier today and that first hit to 3 is really painful when it goes off. He’s fast and and I think considering his Def & HP are about 250 pts total higher than Musashi, there really isn’t comparison as to who already is the better hero. I wish I had him. He hits hard enough on the first that the 2nd and later really aren’t that important. You’ll either have turned the board and won, or that 2nd will probably finish you off.


He’s definitely being underestimated. He seems like a hero to, counter, the formations. by moving the heroes around, you could take care of the more annyoing heroes first, then deal with the tanks

This makes him the least powerful hero of the new batch, that’s for sure

Also, his passive skill states his first hit gets 30% added to power. Do they mean attack?

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