Reopen please, still an issue: season 1 5.x still yields meteor fragments and dragon bones


In this game there are chances what you get.
Nothing is guaranteed.

Increased chance might win you will get 3 of hem instead of 2 in 10-20 level replays.

So I guess nothing is wrong with this.

Do you have any follow up @Petri ?

@PlayForFun the problem @Rigersa has is that in the tooltips for the items, it states that Orichalum Nuggets are available as part of loot starting in s1p5, Dragon Bones starting in s1p6, Meteor Fragments starting in s1p7. So according to the in game tooltips, the bones and fragments should not be available in the loot tables for province 5 or lower of season 1.

My thought is that maybe it is a misunderstanding, and the tooltip wants to inform you that until you have cleared the province stated in the tooltip, that item is not available, but is unlocked (for all stages) once you move beyond that province.


Oh, sorry. I have missed that, then this is a valid problem.

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My problem is that I (and other players I am sure) use nuggets much more than dragon bones and meteor fragments. And the game has inexplicably and suddenly nerfed the best source of nuggets by diluting the loot with the other 4 star crafting material. And it hasnt been fixed.

And to be clear i have farmed province 5 when low on nuggets for a couple years. Never another 4 star crafting mat. The day I got a meteor fragment i was shocked and reported immediately.

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Yeah then it was definitely something changed (on accident or on purpose). I went into S1P1-1 and clicked in and out several times, and nuggets and meteor fragments were listed as possible loot there as well

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This is still an issue