Rent extra builder

Give players the ability to rent or win an extra builder; if they are vip they get 3 if not vip they get 2.

There can be various ways to get an extra builder, as a token in a chest, as a deal involving exchange of money or better yet duplicate the raid shield approach.

Set the length of time the extra builder is available either by number of buildings to be built or total time the builder is active.

50 gems for 1 hour/1 building
200 gems for 3 hours/ 2 buildings

If builder only has 2 hours left they can’t be used on building that takes 2 hours 1 minutes.

If the extra builder is rentable by time and the previous situation occurs those 2 hours of builder time is saved, eventually to be added to any future builder time.

This appears to be considerably higher than the gem skip cost that’s around 13 gems per hour.

Is your thinking that players would pay a premium to accelerate building times a little bit, without wanting to skip the whole remaining time?

If both of your builders are busy with days left you could “rent” another builder to work on a 3rd building. The examples I gave are purely numbers I threw out without much thought.

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