Renfeld's Cracking Christmas Quiz 📝 Answers and Arguments

These are the answers to Renfeld’s Cracking Christmas Quiz

Don’t check the answers before doing the quiz, or SantaRenfeld will eat your fingers in your sleep.

Well done, you have survived a night with SantaRenfeld!

Now check your answers:

Round 1: Guess Who

Kenjiro…or SantaRenfeld wearing his face

Round 2: The Magic Kingdom

A: Merrida from Brave = Evelyn
B: Jaffar from Aladdin = Gafar
C: Elsa from frozen = Isarnia

Round 3: Welcome to the Jumble

A: Shaguadin

B: Misty Highlands

C: Nishikaigan

D: Anchor Beach

E: Shriker Islands

Round 4 - Eye of the Beholder

A: Dawa
B: Ishtaak
C: Gato
D: Skittleskull
E: Brand

Round 5: All Things in Moderation

A: Kerridoc
B: Rook
C: Jonah


The first one I narrowed to kenjiro, Sonya, an li xiu. The latter don’t have earrings or helmets either (those are the only things I can assume you are referring too).

And why does Santa Renfield have such a big “rack?” :blush:

Noted. Stand by

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A guy in Guardians Reborn did the art.
I think it’s ambiguous shading but…yer

Very cool!!

I got round 1/2 correct. Didn’t attempt round 3 (I can’t even remember what 8/7 is called and I spend 98% of my time there :p)

Round 4 I got isshtak and skittles

And I guessed you were the lunar base lol. Didn’t have a guess for the train :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thanks for the mega like-fest :grin: @Duaneski. Have an unmolested crimbo

What is a “good” that I do not have? I mean, I’m not judging. Not everyone can has good.

Dratted autocorrect strikes again!

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20 hoods and NO AUTOCORRECT


I had to read it a few times, I thought you were just being poetic.

What is a good that I do not have,
With my alliance full of friends?
A game of mystic battles fought
Where adventure never ends.

What is a good that I do not have
When chests are overflowing?
Filled to brim with luscious loot
And heaps of gems a-glowing.

What is a good that I do not have
I’ll tell you now, for sure
The blasted, tricksy, treacherous boards


Truly The Complaint Ballad of Keesa!

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