Renegades! International Alliance Searching Like Minded Players


We love to share, play and win. There’s about a dozen of us now but you’d think we were a full team with the volume of chatting that occurs. We use the Line app primarily because we like to discuss new heroes or leveling approaches or war strategy. We share our lives, a new puppy or a personal best - maybe a challenging day. We cheer and support all the time because a team member win is everyone’s win.

Most of us have come from Alliances where there was some issue. We don’t do ego or drama. Everyone is treated with respect; everyone is valued and recognized.

If this resonates with you, join us. If you’re a small group (up to 3 or 4 people), you are welcome.

The Line app is mandatory. It’s how we communicate. All war flags and daily Titan hits are normal for all of us. A thirst for constant improvement is required. If this sounds like you, join us. We have an amazing group of people that will make you feel at home and improve your game. 1000+ Trophies and 2500 TP preferred but they’re just numbers. Numbers grow.

Good people. Good team. 6* Titans. We’ve won all but one war (everyone has a bad day). Renegades! Line ID: Rusalka1111.

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