Rendering Issue + Danzaburo


I have two issues, actually, both involving raids.

  1. Around 10am MST (US) on February 9, 2019, Jahanger did not re-appear when Mother North used her special ability to raise him from the dead. He performed his special skill, however. He was the center hero, while Mother North was in the far left position.

  2. Over the past ~30 raids, Danzaburo’s special skill has frozen him every time I use him. I noticed a similar pattern with titan battles (~18). The issue does not seem to affect world battles (stage battles?). I noticed this pattern a few days ago, and it has persisted since then. I know RNG can often give false impressions or create unreasonable expectations, but I don’t think that is the case here.

Thanks for any feedback!

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  1. Maybe bad luck but more than 5 stun in a row is really weird

1.Killed by the heroes continue to attack

@zephyr1 @Kerridoc (possibly merge topics)

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@Radar1 Thanks for the tag. I agree, this sounds like it could be the same issue.

Unfortunately, the forum software doesn’t lend itself well to merging posts like this that have more than one topic in a single post.

On the plus side, your post link will connect the other thread to this one at least.

@Donnatella I appreciate your effort to avoid creating extra threads, but when you’re reporting possible bugs, it’s actually more helpful to put unrelated issues in separate posts next time, so they don’t get intertwined. Thanks for reporting these! :slight_smile:


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