Rename/Nickname Heroes

It would be fun to be able to nickname your heroes instead of using their given names. It doesn’t have to be visible to everyone, but it would be fun to see amongst the alliance. There were a lot of clever and funny nicknames in nicknames topic (in General) not long ago.

We already nickname them without the need to write them down.

Nicknames come natural

Of course, but it would still be fun to have the ability to set it in game. Especially for alliances that are getting new recruits actively. They wouldn’t be confused by existing chat using the nicknames either.

Nicknaming heroes might be too much, but a spin off to that would be to nickname your “team” so that it is visible to the attacker when they are scrolling through raid options. You can already nickname your team on the edit team page, just click where it says Team 1, Team 2, Team 3 and you can enter a new name, but it’s not visible to opponents. It would be fun to see funny team names like, “come at me gravemakers” or “no hams for you” or “this is my raid team that I accidently left as my defense team when I logged off”.


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