Removing Timer in Titan Fights


The timer with Titan fights needs to be removed. Give us the ability to play this game strategically and not panic swiping hoping for the best. I understand there has to be some kind of limit or else higher players could take down Titans on their own. What if we put a limited amount of moves instead of being timed? Let’s say you have 20 board moves for each Titan fight.

Possible change for the Titan

But I want more than 20 moves! :wink:


I would like that too :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: but removing the time would make Titan fights more interesting to play


Only 20 board moves makes me cringe, I’d rather be fighting the clock haha


Lol that’s not including the combos.
.but that’s not the point I’m making. Point is remove time so we could play more as a strategy


I think removing the timer would take some of the challenge with Titans away. Instead I’d like to see it extended to 2 full minutes OR items introduced into the game to extend it.


I think it’ll still be challenging. Yeah two minutes would actually be nice too. Just remove some of the panic attacking wishing for random combos. With more time or no time we would be able to set up for combos a bit more… once those combos start going it’s such an awesome feeling. Just want more of it lol


Why do you rush? Because there is a clock? I realized a few weeks back that my scores were much more consistent and overall better once I STOPPED fighting the clock and figured out my strategy with my particular team. I do the following:

  1. Once it starts I spend a few seconds looking at the board set up - are there any immediate combos (or likely combos) to be had? (if so - see point 3)

  2. I always try and stun the titan - we fight 4 and 5 star and if you get 3 consecutive tiles on the weak spot it still stuns, which saves attacks, and can push back a special attack a few rounds (if it’s stunned it doesn’t do the time sucking special attack until a round where you don’t stun it)

  3. Time your use of items or boost specials - if you see a board setting up for a massive attack or combo use a bear or dragon banner or mana up Brienne or boldtusk to get the attack boost.

Maybe it’s because I have my strategy now, but more time just doesn’t appeal to me. I know it should because of faster titan kills via more damage. I just think you can still use strategy with 90 seconds.


Since I last posted I now have added in ‘dropping the weak color hero off my team’ when attacking titans. For example, we were fighting a red 6* and dropped my green hero and put another red in their place. I would say my output increased on the low end on a crummy board by 10% and on the high end maybe 50% on a great board.

Now - in the example above if I had a chance to stun the titan with green tiles I still did it. I do think the stunning significantly contributes to higher scores.


Hey I agree this works well with higher players. However, what I’ve noticed is that the lower players can’t do as much and it’s frustrating for them and they feel like they barely contribute. I know I felt that way when I began. No timer would be a whole new way of fighting the Titan. It’ll give players time to strategize their moves and not be forced to make random moves. Will better be able to set up for bigger hits and I believe it’ll make it more satisfying for low and higher players to fight the Titan.


Limiting the amount of moves will still give you that pressure feeling you get with the timer…just won’t feel like you’re forced to make random moves.


Maybe I’m not feeling the effects from newer players in our alliance because they ask a lot of questions and are learning, contributing and getting better. And we disclose the titans we are on in our alliance description and have a cup limit to keep total newbies out - it addresses exactly what you are referring - a newbie with one and two star heroes fighting a 5-7* titan is a recipe for disaster (and frustration). That said - I am sure there are a lot of people that agree with you. I guess for me our transparency helps get the ‘right’ folks in for the titans we are fighting.

As a higher player, I like that it challenges me to rethink strategies and don’t mind getting smashed, like I am on a 7* - got to figure out a better way to use my team and my items!


Another idea might be to add seconds to the timer for player level, e.g. 1 second per level.
If 90 seconds is the base, then at level 30, you have 120 seconds, at level 40 you have 130 seconds, etc.
Since players don’t get more titan flags when they gain levels, this might be a cool alternative.


Or the reverse: more seconds for newbies who are learning how to play…though I imagine folk would howl if you take seconds off as they progress.


Think i’d probably quit the game if they removed the timer from titans and replaced it with a limit on combo’s.

It is the only game mode where you get rewarded for thinking quick and seeing the patterns quickly. I like slow strategy and working the board for a perfect setup just as much as the next guy, but thats what raids/rare quests/map levels are for imo. With titans I like that there is another kind of pressure and that you have to be quick on your feet. More time would always be better (personally a big fan of the idea Bruce suggested as it gives a tangible benefit for playing more), but 1.5 mins ain’t that bad.

Newer players will score lower on titans yes, but that is partially due to heroes that aren’t leveled as much and partially (I assume) because they don’t have the amount of hours of play into the game to instantly or unconsciously recognize the patterns that can set-up big combos. I know I’ve gotten a lot better at it within this game, and I had about 30 days of playtime logged on bejeweled 2 on my phone years ago :smiley:

If newer players are that discouraged with their titan performances they might want to step down to an alliance that fights titans a bit more on their level, and then come back when heroes etc are a bit more leveled.


I think it would be beneficial if we could have no timer on the titan but just rely on the randomness of the tiles dropping. That way even players just starting out could have a better chance of hitting the titan harder as well as alliances that are only mid levels could try to take out a 5* titan.


Stack multiple healers and kill 10* titans by yourself.
A limit is necessary


Man, that would be a dull fight :rofl:


2 minutes would be great


The longer I fight for 90 seconds, the more I like that timeframe…especially at the higher Titan stars. :wink: