Removing only those resources for which you do not have enough space

This game has a lot of illogical things and this is one of them

If you do not have enough space for ALL resources you will lost ALL resources and not only those for which you don’t have enough space.

How about changing that in 3 years?

Agree, absolute BS.

It was some time ago when I wanted food from tc20 and has plenty of recruits. Clicked yes on popup window because i didn’t care for lost recruits… And left without food.

This game sometimes…

And staff that replied “oh this is not a big but a feature” and solved the topic :woman_facepalming:t2:

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Little work around.
1 Unload TC20 into TC11
2 When recruits max out - convert advanced house into normal house. Excess recruits will now be killed
3 convert back to advanced house to create recruit space
4 unload TC11 to free up food
5 go to step 2 and repeat until you extracted enough food.

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I know about this “trick”. But how do you think - how much time will it take in this case? :slight_smile:

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With double builder you can do a 58 recruit burn cycle in 15 seconds. 39408 trainings is around 78 Mill food and 78000 recruits. If you go all-out you could free up 78 mill food in 6 hours.

I would start with unloading recruits into hero academy 6 though (3* troops).

There is only ONE advanced house in the game at this moment so no matter how many builders do you have:

  1. 10 second to convert AH to H. It will remove 352-294=58 recruits
  2. 58 recruits it’s 29 heroes from TC11 + 29000 food. Something about 10 second.
  3. 10 second to convert H to AH. It will add 58 recruits storage back
    In total: 39408 / 29 * 30 = 33972 seconds
    About 10 hours of non-stop madness convert. Perfect QoL from Zynga/SGG :slight_smile:

The moment you hit convert, you can alrdy start converting the second house. So that 10 second conversion time overlaps.

Ok. 39408 / 29 * 20 (while you don’t have max food, your eyes don’t hurt and your hand moves ) = about 8 hours of non-stop converting
Now it’s more better and players friendly? :slight_smile:

I agree with your idea btw. I dislike time consuming things.

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They promised many new QoL’s in sneak peek 2021. 4 months later we got only costumes for already OP heroes, limit breakers, new event, new shiny heroes and bug with Malosi…

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