Removed from Alliance, Then Reinstated


Weird bug this morning around 8:10am EST - 8:15am EST. A member messaged me outside of the game saying they were removed from the Alliance. Then a few minutes later, the same thing happened to me. We were both reinstated within a couple minutes, but just wanted to make you guys aware. I was… nervous. Lol

Thanks for all your hard work!


Haha, same thing happened here! I noticed I wasn’t in my alliance any more, went to find it and rejoin… only to find out I was still in there! Bit Twilight Zone-ish.


Twilight Zone. Yes. I had to pinch myself to assure I was awake!


You both ran the update? There does seem to be an issue with the update and alliances. It is listed as a known bug on the know issue thread. :relaxed:


This thread is older than their thread. And yes, this was post update.


Sorry, I missed that it was older. I didn’t mean to SPAM you with info you now already had. :relaxed:


No worries @dafrca! :slight_smile: