Remove tiles of colors excluded from Raid Tourney

Some tourneys, like the current one exclude certain color heroes. In this case blue. Since I don’t have any blue heroes, why is more board filled with blue tiles? Seems their only purpose is to ensure the defense charges even faster.

Don’t include tiles of colors excluded from the match-up on the board.

The tournaments need to be more challenging than the regular game, not easier.


Let’s improve the idea: generate only colors you have in your attack team.

Now seriously: The nature of the game is to provide a random board of 5 colors. Every time in every mode. Period.



20 mono one click victories…


I considered proposing this myself but realized that it would take too much of the challenge out of it. And this is coming from a player who’s been knocked out of the tourney by those boards multiple times

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Not at all what I’m proposing. But since we can’t use blue heroes why should we have blue tiles? It makes no sense to me.

It always amazes me how people can’t just say, “I prefer it the way it is, I like the challenge”, instead of posting a sarcastic insulting reply.

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Removing one colour would make it almost impossible to lose an attack.
Wouldn’t make much sense.

Avoiding overdropping of `bad’ tiles is a strategic part of the game.


:sarcasm i prefer double mana for enemy with blue tiles haha

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Why are there so many blue tiles in the tournament with no blue heroes allowed? I understand that you need to put in blue tiles but at least decrease it’s occurrence. Geez five raids in a row two blue diamonds in one with more blue tiles popping up. Then third attack was nothing but blue and green. Just for fun cause I was already dead practically I did a green diamond Yeap more green tiles. Fourth attack finally got yellow and purple tiles so i won. Fifth attack back to green and blue board what gives?

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Hi @Pops

That’s the nature of random. If it was a completely even distribution, it wouldn’t be random.

And the point of limiting the field by colour, stars or favourite animal is to introduce a new challenge.

Otherwise it’s just more raids.

The same way field aid is difficult in war, missing a colour is also challenging.

Otherwise the game is stale. I’m all for the restrictions.


What’s the point, if you have no way of winning. You can have whatever team you want but boards full of blue when you can’t use blue heroes is death. Playing a game with no solution to win is pointless. Just me two cents. If you play wrong or select wrong heroes fine I get that but have zero chance to win come on.

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My personal opinion about bad boards is that the game punish you when you choose the wrong heroes among the ones avalaible.

I have absolutely no proof of that of course, it’s just my personal explanation when it seems that i have no chance to win.

It’s my fault because i picked the wrong heroes, and the game punish me.
It comfort me somehow.

Well that’s the risk you take when going into raid with only 2 colors.
If the tiles are not lucky you are doomed and will lose. If have some wider spread of colors you have some more chances to recover and make something of a less board. But you need to be prepared to try and work it (and try to stay alive long enough).

We all have these boards. Chin up and try again!

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I don’t think you guys are understanding the point. You can’t I repeat can’t use blue heroes and the board is full of blue tiles. So the team you take doesn’t matter.

What really sucks is with everyone’s special set to very fast if you even have to make a couple blue combo’s you’re charging the enemy and not getting anything out of it so it amplifies the bad RNG making this tournament quite a bit more luck based than the others I feel like.

Everyone is dealing with the same set of rules though so it’s just about making the best out of it how you can. Personally I think with very fast you might want to do 1-1-1-2 so every gem but blue charges a special and just double up whatever color is most effective against that specific opponent.


This game always has a significant random element, the lack of blue heroes doesn’t change that. A huge number of players deliberately deny themselves the use of one or more colour every time they play a stacked team. This time it’s forced upon us if you choose to play the tournament.


I do understand it on reverse.
I’m simply saying that if you choosed other heroes (different from what you used) that opening board were not filled with blues.

Again, it is only a way to comfort me.

I was facing mono red teams and I can’t use blue heroes. Mono red teams neutralize green heroes cause they do so little damage. The opponent as well as yourself has very fast mana. I took two yellows, two purples and one red. That’s three colors of the four that were available minus the color that i considered useless for tile damage. The board was mostly blue so I created a blue diamond to wipe it in order to get a different board. The enemy was full mana I somewhat survived all of their attacks and the board was blue again. I couldn’t survive a second onslaught. With very fast mana and three colors of the four available i didn’t get a single mana drop let alone a special. The fact that’s a possibility let alone that it happened to me 3/5 attacks today is just dumb. Why would I want to even use gems to continue? I’ll take my free loot and move on.

My point was instead of making an that a possibility leave the blue tiles in but decrease their occurrence. I’m not saying make me win every time but don’t make it where regardless of my team setup I will lose.

I know the feeling when you stack heros and the colours you stack seem to have been purposely left out - however that’s the random nature of this game. You can’t predict ahead of time the best line up, you have to adapt and use what’s been dealt. You won’t win every battle, but you will win some.

To suggest they should decrease the prevalence of a certain colour tiles, negates the game dynamics. The tiles are random - when you change the probability of coloured tiles occurring you change the game. To what end?

Should we change the rules in sport so we can all get a gold medal too? Not everyone gets gold all the time, similarly no one wins every E&P battle.

Good luck for the next tournament.

Sure, but you can clear those blue tiles. And you can try to pick heroes durable enough to take a shot.

Honestly, if you have tiles of the colors you didn’t bring, though, it really doesn’t matter what color they happen to be:

Azlar fired 3 times before I got some reds maneuvered into useable positions. That’s a bad day at the office.

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