Remove the significant delay after lost raid/war/tournament battle

When you win a battle, you can skip instantly the “Victory” screen, but when you lost, you cannot skip the “Defeat” for 3-4 seconds. This is very annoying and unnecessary psychological warfare against the players. Please remove this delay.

It turns me on too. :smiley:


For the whole time I’ve been playing I was trying to convince myself that this “defeat” screen was as long as “win” and I’m just imagining that is seems to last longer to ■■■■ me off, but now I know I’m not alone in this :smiley:


No consideration for global warming. The Bastets

lol it is really annoying, it is like rubbing it on your face, “You Lost LOL!”

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All part of the “psychological” setting $GG employs, whether or not this was feature purposely implemented at the start of the game, or an oversight. Whatever the case, it is something that $GG had left in the game. This is also something very similar to what happens if you were to lose a stage, but less time is passed before something happens (e.g. a message pops up asking if you want to continue with gems).

So your raid battle is going well, you are about to get a win under your belt in the tournament, excellent, acknowledge the quick victory fanfare and move onto your next battle. Enough said.

But when you lose, it’s the defeat screen that cannot be skipped that goes burn burn burn, and $GG jumps in and offer you the option of “Don’t you want to pay gems to buy back in so you can win win win?”

This is something I’ve despised ever since the started playing this game. So whenever a raid battle/tourney is not going well, I just hit the flee button to take a loss instead of having to sit through the unskippable defeat that goes burn burn burn.

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Having to sit through all the specials going off beforehand is even more annoying. Like, yeah, we know we lost. I d’ont need to watch then heal and revive and cast, on top of it all.