Remove the limit on skips

Idea is pretty simple, remove the timer on skips for monster and raid chests.

Just seems silly that a game that always wants me to buy gems with a 2 new deals a day, also wants to restrict my spending of those same gems.

I’d rather spend the gems farming monster chests while working through the story missions, than on another 3* hero :joy:

If you’re worried about it being unfair to ftp, newsflash it’s already unfair.


I actually don’t skip chests much myself, but your reasoning makes perfect sense.


Yea I don’t really understand that either. I’m assuming it’s the extremely minimal chance of getting good stuff from your chests is what’s holding them back from making it unlimited.

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Yeah this is a really annoying feature. There’s no way they did it by accident and it seems to have gotten even more restrictive lately, so I’m assuming they felt that the few cents you pay to skip has far too much value in potential mats for them not to plug the leak. :confused:

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SG won’t do anything to make their customers happy. They are completely pathetic!


It is already unfair doesn’t mean it is a reason to make it more unfair.

Allowing unrestricted skip means SG will need to rework the loot: food, iron, trainer, etc to balance the cost with shop/deal.


This right here.

Resetting chests, assuming you have the flags to open it, is currently the single most cost-effective source of ham/iron, as well as a good chance for unfarmable mat pulls; you’d also get an elemental chest a day if you could reset at will and were willing to grind.

This would mean the loot would get hard nerfed, and defeat the point of resetting in general, while also ruining chests for those playing casually.


And filling world energy flags only cost 100 gems in shop. For comparison, 3 millions food cost 5000 gems…


Yo sure its unbalnced now so why not push it futher? :thinking:
I have another idea when war start or event whatever EP just look at our bank account and who has more money wins! :rofl:


So I’ll never win again!? :open_mouth:

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LOL… new battle item available in the cash shop: War Energy Refill :laughing: :rofl:

Sorry, sorry, off topic.

On the original topic. I have to say, originally I was on board with you. Like “yeah sure why not?” Like you said, it’s already unfair anyway.

But then other peeps replied to you and pointed out details I hadn’t considered. I’ve never spent gems to skip so never actually done all the cost estimation maths.

On the one hand, I say if you want to spend a fortune to be able to play 24/7, more power to you. On the other hand, if it’s going to end up affecting everyone else’s loot in some way… uhhh no.

Personally, I have never been a fan of the whole “artificial scarcity” model that this game is based off of. But that is how they make their money, unfortunately. Guess you’ll just have to wait for those chests and flags to recharge, same as the rest of us plebs. :man_shrugging:

I think many of you
Are missing the point here.

There are soooo many other mechanics in this game that cause a drastic difference in fairness being able to reset your chests so that when you want to play you can, is a minor one to say the least.

If the idea of this bothers you then you should be SCREAMING about the 10th level of alchemy lab that costs gems :joy: that’s the same thing as what I’m suggesting just less work.

Side note I think the chests should automatically reset, without spending gems. I think that the people who are willing to play more should be able to, and be rewarded for it.

If players could play and get chests without a timer in between it would help players drastically more, and help ftp/c2p especially.

But I didn’t suggest that idea, because when I make suggestions that don’t make SGG Money people only complain it will never happen.

If I make suggestions that improve QOL if you’re willing to pay for it, people talk about hom unfair it is😂 make up your minds community lol.

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I totally get your point. Since the first day I downloaded the game, did a few provinces then “ran out of world energy”… I thought, that’s stupid. I’m only allowed to do a few quests, then I have to wait X number of time before I can do more?

I think the whole idea is stupid.

Then I find out later about the summons. You only have a 1.whatever percent chance to summon a top hero? Okay. Well maybe, I thought, once you play for long enough and level up enough, you get more summon chances?

No. Not really.

So… I’m limited in how much I’m allowed to play. I’m limited in what I can earn through gameplay. And even if I spend… I’m still limited by RNG in what I’m able to get for my money.

I personally think the whole system is dumb as hell. But I have been told by the community that this is how games operate these days, and that I shouldn’t ever ask for or expect anything better, and I’m stupid for criticizing it.

Yeah, if it were up to me, we’d be able to play 24/7 without limits on how many quests or chests or whatever we could fill at any given time. And if we worked hard enough, we could earn all the best heroes and all of the necessary ascension mats for them.

But that is not how the game works. It’s not how it will ever work.

Didn’t mean to shoot down your idea, I just don’t think it’s realistic to expect anything like that from a game that is obviously based on keeping players from being able to obtain the things that they want and need. “Artificial scarcity” like I said.

EDIT: They want you to have to wait 3 months and spend $10,000 to get anything, then wait another 3 months and spend another $10,000. That is essentially their business model.

They can’t just sell you everything on day one, because they want you to come back later and spend more.

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I feel this in a way that’s all too real!:joy: seriously though, and even if I make posts that the majority of people agree with SGG still isn’t doing anything or even participating in that post haha. So I’m not really sure what’s left.

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They can’t be giving out loot for free! Elemental chest frequency is tied to how many monster/hero chests you complete so theres no way they would remove the gem skips. Removing it would be giving out 4* mats and emblems too quickly which would decrease their profits.

For me personally, I usually only do the skip if its at 54 minutes which only costs 1 gem. That’s the most amount of time skipped per gem.


Typically I’m in the same boat, but last night I was trying to game some iron for emblem upgrades and hit the limit.

The other time when I wish I could do gem skips is Atlantis rising, I typically use all of my loot tickets and flasks during that event and being able to also fill chests would be great!

They sell iron at the shop.

At what rate??? 800 gems for 500k lol! That’s not even in the same cosmos when talking about options.


Yes, something around that range.

Making unlimited skip at the cost of 20 gems per skip and 100 gems for 63 flags (in case the player max world energy is 63) means 160 gems per 3 chest (at S1:7-4 you only need 21 flags to fill monster chest). That means with 160 gems you can get around 300k food and 300k iron and other loots.

With 800 gems that is 1500k food and 1500 iron + a lot of other loots.

Very large difference with the shop where you can only get 500k iron with 800 gems.

Do you think SG will not adjust the loot to make their food/iron shop relevant after eliminating skip limit?

They will nerf it down and non-skipper will be the one who become the victim.

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You are currently having a hypothetical debate about what sgg night do, about a suggestion that has yet to be implemented, or even considered. Lol. This forum makes my head hurt so much.

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