Remove the color/gem

Okay so I’ve been thinking about this for a while. If we’re fighting a Titan and it stated that any attacks from any Hero that’s representing the color red will be reflected the damage would be reflected back to the hero and then if we remove that hero and have two Blues, yellow, a purple and a green then that gem should be removed from puzzle board because it’s not going to do any damage to the Titan.

That’s part of the game. You have to play the board. That’s almost (yes I said almost) like saying I brought a mono team so I should only get one colored tile.

Okay, not the best analogy, but reflect on s titan is restricted to rares. They’re supposed to be harder.


But then why would the gem reflect even be a thing?

It forces you to not use that element or be a board management ninja (or Jedi in your case).

This is a great feature and can help newer players start to really understand color stacking,


That math for a match 3 game like wouldn’t work for a board with only 4 colors. Too many combos would happen.


Yep, if we did that, everybody would play 3-2 teams for the insta win. Working around reflect and similar issues are a challenge, not a problem. It’s a puzzle - just work out how to solve it


Lol it was after I made this post that that very concept hit me.

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