Remove the ability to buy ninja flasks when you are finished with the event

Correct and I don’t care for rewards because they are horrible unless you are top player but I am rationalizing it this way: While you are correct fly up high right away may bump you down and it will but with easier flask advantage you can back out and try to get a good board and try to stabilize your place as best as you can. But I see what you are saying top guys will get knocked down by those who wait which now to think of it must plow through the event on the very last 3 hours.

idk seems boring.

Invincibly potions and ghost forms should null curses for the duration and heros like Stonecleave and Ameonna should break oni curse if they get cursed and reset the curse counter back to 0. It’s logical and it makes sense. If I want The Walking Dead I can go watch the Walking Dead :slight_smile:

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