Remove the ability to buy ninja flasks when you are finished with the event

Add a flag that makes you unable to buy ninja flasks when you have completed the event. Right now I can pretty much complete the next event without any cool down.

Let everyone else, not just whales have balance with this.

Actually, a team mate bought them in anticipation for the next one. Yeah he’s finished too. :thinking:

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Are you seriously asking them to lower their profits to make that event a fairer competition?

How do you dare!? :stuck_out_tongue:


Absolutely I am. Money is liquid. I doubt money is an issue at the moment. :slight_smile:

Not sure this is an actual issue though, given the levels are not replay-able after beaten, and we can assume the same flask offers will be available next event. If someone needs that many flasks to beat it… well, buying a few extras now isn’t their biggest issue.


Speed of completion gains you nothing in terms of loot… who cares???


You gotta be kidding, what do they do after buying those flasks, play :100: levels??? Come on.

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I guess I should of been more clearer. Reset the ninja event in terms or everyone should start at the same level and may the best player win. I mean even when you beat it they have the outmost respect for us as players do they not (now I’m just pushing the cringe I know :slight_smile: )

What I am simply saying is that the second ninja event, scores will be governed by who ever plowed right through this one and who ever bought extremely cheap flasks.

Well, they just flee before the first match 3 until they have a good first board.

Can’t exploit like monthly event, but still…


True. This is also something to note.

Remove the flee option so players can’t keep retrying. I know many will struggle but I am for the low-mid range player here who wants to compete. Day 1 ninja event 2 all the big wigs set their scores and in one way its good because they can’t redo the stage once done so that’s good but the scores will again be so inflated like all other events that a normal player has no chance of getting anything anyway. It’s great the event uses a different energy pool but time is money also. Some people dont have all day to baby this game and I’d wager whales are a minority here.

For the record I completed this event but I dwell on my experiences and how to improve. If nothing changes by ninja event two I’m no different than a whale now that I already know how to fix my mistakes from this event and I’d rather not play this type of mechanic like this.

Eh why? Only good thing about NT was you cant replay stages so its not 100% p2w event.

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This is true but I am saying that next event players will have over 5 flasks stored + I am sure a free one. That’s enough to plow through and solidify your spot. Granted someone else will take it and you drop down but for some reason I can’t help to feel this is incorrect.

You cannot solidify any spots until the event is over. There is no benefit to racing through it…

I was top 2k+ now I am top 20k unless I am missing something

Exactly. Your spot is not solidified (final) until the entire event ends. Thus racing to finish nets no benefit.

You only get the rewards at the end based on the final ranking.

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only perk of having more flasks is to flee and retry but even that is pretty limited imo


Sure I get that but all the, you know those types, will just plow through and even then it might be hard to knock them off unless they play the waiting game. I get you though.

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You were 2k+ before many others have finished. You perhaps finished earlier which is why your high rankings fell down.

While there is an advantage of hoarding flasks, i don’t see much advantage of it. I did not use a single flask and i did not repeat any stage and i am still in the respectable 1k+ rankings.

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You’re asking them to take a hit to their pocket book? The nerve!

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