Remove talents help

I have a current def setup with Clarissa-Ariel- tel- guin- gm
I am thinking of removing talents from guin (17) and give them to attack path to Onatel. At yellow I also have joon with 15 talents.
Also thinking of removing talents from Domitia to give them to Marjana.
At last as a thought remove talents from Clarissa give it to tel and replace her with domi. Any help is welcomed.

As you are probably using Telly as tank, I would totally move emblems from Guin to Onatel.

About Dom / Marjana… I would say it depends on your roster depth of each colour.

I only have domi and Clarissa 5* at purple and kaghan with talents , gm and marjana at red

looks like a draw to me. Do you colour stack? Which team is weaker?
Probably I would say wait with moving them. Seems like there is not a major benefit that justifies the food and ham costs. Also, you will probably be busy with transferring your emblems to onatel for a week or so anyway.

This is the def team I am using.

I suppose after moving talents to Ona you’re going to put her on your defence and put Telly as tank? Would be reasonable.

Yes that’s what I am thinking to do. And maybe remove talents from Clarissa and give all to tel and replace her with domi. Also think of replacing Ariel with Magni

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Hmm… Don’t have clear on advice on that. Either way it will keep you in diamond at at least 2.6k cups I suppose. So it’s up to your personal preference.

Thank you for your time

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I don’t think you’re going to really change much by re embleming, my view is only change emblems if you need to change war defense. Raid defense doesn’t matter much, and you’d be comfortable in diamond with a number of different setups.

If you want to change your D, I’d say maybe

Dom/Clarissa GM Telly Magni Joon. Very nasty

The mostly I think about it is for war defence as Onatel is more useful than guin in a non-yellow tank setup.

Do you mean re embleming for war attacks?

If you change from Guin as tank in raids and wars, it makes sense to remove her emblems. But that’s probably all I’d do

Well, maybe I’d put emblems onto Marj instead of Dom, given all the green tanks and mana speed, she’s probably more elegant in the current meta

I mean replace guin with Onatel in a def team with tell as tank. For example Clarissa-Onatel- tell- Ariel- gm
Also if I use any other tank except yellow in wars Onatel is more helpful I think.

In my opinion, Telly tank without Vela as a flank is not optimal. I would keep emblem on Guin and flank her with Clarissa (with Telly emblem) and GM.
In the wings, you can put whatever you want as another blue and green. Seeing your roster, my personal choices will be Ariel/Magni (even if you loose a bit of magni def bonus) and Morgan Le Fay

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