Remove summon challenge from pov

We already pay for pov it’s near impossible for f2p players to complete that specific challenge let alone complete it at all. Maybe add log in certain amount of times?

You can easily finish the summon challenge in the Path of Valor if you prepared for that. For example, both I and my GF hoarded silver coins for quite some time before the PoV 7 started.

The second thing you can do as a F2P player is work for that free ViP pass via 20 side logins which you level up to 10. The benefits for you would be double daily summon via VIP, which helps immensely with that particular challenge.


My F2P account didn’t complete the “Summons” portion of the PoV challenge, but I still reached Lvl 50. I would focus on completing the other tasks. :thinking:


Not impossible. I’m f2p and finish it every time with ease.
Are you filling your hero and monster chest four times a day? Are you watching mystic vision ads multiple times a day?
Beteeen daily summons, 4+ chests a day, titans, and mystic vision (not to mention other sources) its relatively easy.

How many are you averaging a day now?


This is for other peeps lol I complete this one in a few days.

No, that’s one of the easier challenges. You just got to prepare ahead of time by stockpiling summon tokens. Had three hundred stockpiled by the time this one started.

And you do not have to complete this challenge to reach lvl50.

How you gonna stockpile with practically 3 days until the next pov opens?

Completing PoV isn’t a priority for me. But reaching level 48 is!

I’m working towards the mat with grindable summons this go-around.

Can anyone else verify if it’s possible to reach 48 without having to spend on summons?

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Well, maximum points available is 52,500 (50x 450 dailies, and 6x 5000 challenges). You only 43,820 points for level 48, so that’s about 9000 points of flexibility. Assuming that you’ll summon at least the daily summons and maybe other “free” summons from tokens and coins, there shouldn’t be an issue.

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Completed all the pov, but never completed the summons challenge,

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You don’t have to complete it in a few days. It’s more practical to delay doing any pulls until there are a only a few days before PoV ends. In this way, you can get 40+ free daily summons and pulls in events will also count.

I have 532 silver tokens saved up and they get more and more by using that strategy. This is not a mission you should complete as soon as possible, but as late as possible.


I agree, although I’ve blown through my stockpile of silver tokens (around 350 or so) last PoV to try to speed up leveling a new 5*. But I’m back up to 98 silver tokens over the past 2 weeks or so.

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I don’t have hard proof, but I believe that in this PoV run they tweaked the wanted chests a bit to compensate for that challenge. I’m not lying when I say EVERY SINGLE wanted chest gave me at least a silver token.

So I think it should still be doable with some effort put in, even without vip or preparations.

Yeah, this is old news. You don’t have to spend to get the good loot. They moved the 4 star items to 48 specifically for this reason. Fill your chests and do your dailies and the items are easily attainable.

And start saving tokens the day you know you’ll get to 48.

Pompitous yes, you can - easily. I havent done it since this one is a nice giveaway, but it’s easy to work it out if you wish to double check.

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Okay, I admit it’s a little harder, but the loot and war chests practically drown you in grey tokens. I can’t remember the last time I didn’t get at least one.

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