Remove season 1 heroes, a poll

Listen, this thread about EVENT summons and not about what you love more :slight_smile:

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So what?
They are getting Paid to work right. No one is forcing them to do free work.
Creating a hero on an established engine is not ground breaking work. Balancing also not a problem if their team is capable of.

It is pretty interesting for a player to oppose this

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All I’m saying that we all would appreciate better odds to pull event heros. Other than that, it really doesn’t matter if you get S1 heros in event summons or something else. At least for long term players. If there’s a better chance to score something good, you wouldn’t mind getting Dawas here and there. Of course you are chasing smth else.
But to remove them from the pull completely reduce the chance for newcomers the get valuable S1 heros. Yes, there’s TC20 but it takes time to bulild. Instead removing them, add smth interesting (chance for S2 heros) + improve odds for event heros slightly.

No, I just want to get something more useful for 300-350 gems than classic S1 3* hero which I can get absolute from ALL summons in this game (even silver token) + HA + TC with VERY high odds.


Community —> Give us more heroes and free stuff because reasons!

SG —> Nop because money!


I’ve been playing since pretty near the game start - the only 5*s I’ve got are season 1s apart from Margaret and Jean Francois! By not paying it has taken me forever to get together a 4132 team. I’d like to see the original heroes enhanced so they can take on the likes of Telluria, not removed. So rather than vote on your two options I’d like a third one - enhance them!

Creo en particular, que si es lógico, eliminar héroes que no pertenezcan al portal del cual se va a invocar, no veo razón de poner héroes de temporada 1, en una invocación de Atlantis o Valhalla o de algún evento en particular, pero si dejar esos héroes en invocaciones normales.

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Actually, they already have enhancement: costumes. But costumes have their own portal.

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Do I wish they would enhance the season 1 heroes and give costumes for a different feel? Sure! But that isn’t the route they chose haha.

SGG has already spoken about beefing season 1 heroes through the creation of costumes; an additional reason we should remove season 1 heroes and add the percentages to the other 5* associated with that gate as I said in the original post.


Yeah I know, but waiting to get a costume is another yawn - guess what? I only have costumes for 3*s. So I’d like them now to do a bit of updating on the basic heroes.

Yes, would be ideal to have an improvement without costumes, as they are basically other heroes (and harder to get, I was lucky to get Richard).
My point is that SG already featured something for them, so hardly we’ll see something else :frowning:

@KiraSG pretty strong percentage in favor of this change so far, any response from your staff? Breaking 70% agreement on forum ideas seems pretty rare these days…

Got an answer from SG : stop crying, just spend more money, we aint listening poor players, rich players rulez

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@KiraSG @Staff_SGG we just hit 80% agreement on a forum that is usually full of endless debate and argument…please hear us oh mighty rulers of the puzzle kingdom.

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My personal thoughts on this thread/ topic:

  1. The poll is more than a little biased… has been said by others but if you wanted an accurate poll you should have used two impartial statements rather than attempting to skew the results to your preferred outcome by using an adgendised take on one of the options

  2. There alread exists a thread to this effect for voting for this to be implemented into the game. Linked previously but I’ll link it again: [MASTER] Remove/ Get Rid of Season 1 (S1 / Vanilla) heroes from {X} summons portal

  3. The poll results are only viewable on vote… so I doubt that staff will see a graphical representation of the outcome as to do so, they would have to vote themselves & thus skew your outcome.

  4. Something could be read into the lack of response to the various staff tags made in this thread (notably tagging staff who actually have no say/ power in the game developement or direction but that’s a different thing altogether).

Have voted all the same.

Amusing response. Human nature at its best.

But why not both?


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80ish% is actually pretty low considering it is the equivalent of asking for free upgrades of something for absolutely no outlay. You probably would have gotten 90%+ if you had not been so biased with your wording and viewpoint.

But anyhoo, they will never do it, so its a moot point.

Lol, still happy to see it above 70! The point is still the same whether you think the options were bias or not. The majority of people who Participated Would prefer to see this kind of change implemented.

After all of the various arguments surrounding buff/nerf threads of various heroes and seeing how split that was and seeing that they still went forward with it anyway…seeing a thread where 70%+ are actually in favor should be an easy thing to pull the trigger on.

You need season 1 heroes to wash through Hero Academy- please don’t reduce the current supply chain.

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