Remove season 1 heroes, a poll

This post and poll exists for the express purpose of trying to communicate 1 single point about season 1 heroes in summon gates in a clear concise manner.

Hopefully if enough of us agree the devs will finally hear us.

I think more polls/topics most people can agree on would be healthy for the forum.

For clarification the poll below is asking if you’re for or against the removal of season 1 heroes from challenge events and Valhalla/Atlantis gate. The only place season 1 5* heroes would still be found is the costume gate-with the costume, tc 20/Hero academy, and epic hero summon.

I am suggesting that the odds of getting 5s at the gates where the season 1 heroes would be removed would then be added to the odds for the 5s of that gate.

Please do not move this poll to a similar topic. I am trying to communicate in a clear snapshot how the community feels about this topic with a graph.

Maybe the devs will actually read the topic if it’s in a graph.

  • Remove the season 1 5s and increase the odds of the 5s associated with that particular portal.
  • Leave them in I want my 8th Horghall.

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I want my first horghall, first Lianna, kadilen or elkanen. As a c2p I am happy doing a 10 pull in an event and possibly get a missing 5star from S1 (or useable dupe) more cost efficient for my gems.


Have you unlocked tc20 yet?

Yep and playing 2 years

Just unlucky from tc20. No marjana, Magni, joon or Leonidas either


To be clear it would be just as efficient. You would still have the same 2.5% chance of summoning a 5* we would be adding the 1.5% chance of summoning a season 1 5* to the odds for obtaining a Valhalla, Atlantis, or challenge event hero.


I agree with Kilted. I have been F2P for 3 years now and while I have several season 1 five stars I am nowhere near having all of them. And now that HA20 will give us a use for the duplicates that will let us turn them into past heroes, Isee no reason to stop them from flowing.


Same here. 2 years into the game and I still don’t have have Lianna, Kadilen, Isarnia, Azlar, etc. And I would definitely welcome them from any portal that I can get from. Especially, as a F2P, nowadays there are plenty of tokens given freely, which allows me to do a couple of free pulls in every event.


Yep for example current event I’d far prefer a lianna or marjana to the hatter


I got chastised for making a poll once. Something about:

  • Save all puppies

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  • Put all puppies in a bag & drown them

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I felt like my poll was more neutral than this one!

I also feel like death is inevitable for all games. But when the endgame (gameplay) starts wreaking havoc on newcomers. Death ceases to be inevitable and becomes imminent.

But… if there was no risk of S1 heroes at Atlantis/Valhalla portals. Would that increase spending?

I think the meeting went something like this:
"We will have a sharp spike of increased spending followed by a gradual decline as players that do spend…fill their rosters up."

Without the risk of S1 heroes, what do you use to fill in the gaps for that low percentage? Toilet paper?

I think your just going to replace one frustration:
“Oh yeah, my 8th Horghall”
“Oh yeah, my 1,000th Agnes”

Meanwhile that low percentage WILL remain the same


Did you not read the post? I’m suggesting removing the season 1 5 stars and then adding the extra summoning odds to heroes associated with that gate.

So instead of a .2% chance to get a challenge event 5* it would be a .5% chance.

So no the odds would not remain the same. :+1:

Yeah. I read that.

Just ask to have the odds increased.

And good luck with that

They still have to fill in the gaps with something…


You do realize that you’ll retrain, let’s say, Obakan… you’ll wait 7 days, and you’ll end up with Horghall 19 times out of 20. Than, you’ll still have that Horghall to retrain into… Obakan. Most likely.

We really don’t need “a flow” of normal 5* to use HA. Just one or two might be just fine for a year. Sadly.


As a F2P, I approve this. Yes, I’m still missing some S1 heroes, as many others, but a better chance for an event hero on the event gate sounds good.


I’m amused that some people voted no. Of course we all want less S1 heroes and more special heroes.

Again this is a business model decision. The premium stuff is rare for a good reason. People will spend more chasing a Finley or Jabberwock if the odds are lower, that’s a pretty simple reality

While it would be nice to have better odds, they call it a paywall for a reason. And SG want people to spend, so the likelihood of better less predatory odds is around 1.3%. Oooh unlucky, got another Dawa :face_vomiting:


I agree to this idea, but can not agree with the description of the choices with a sense of unfairness. Simply say “Yes” or “No”.


I assume everyone who likes the idea has voted here:

  • Crap
  • Gold

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I disagree with the logic of keeping S1 heros in with Challenge Event, Vahalla and Atlantis portals. There is the Epic portal and Elemental portal along with TC 20 to pull classic 5*. Would love to be able to pull specifically for S2, S3 or the current Challenge heros. Many of the newer heroes over power classics. Especially those that extend health.


I agree with this idea, having a place specifically to summon S1 heroes with higher chances would be awesome, wouldn’t be any harm to the game either, S1 heroes are significantly weaker than the newer S2 and S3.

Something that ■■■■■■ me off is summoning on events and getting old heroes with abismal power gap instead of any newer hero, i dont mind getting 3* or 4* as long as they’re different than S1 food, they’re useful in tournaments still, i know this game is a infinite grind, but this would make the grind a little less boring.

Its been 4 months since i got 1 TC20 running, the best i got is isarnia, horghall, magni and marjana, and a bunch of 3* 4*s, i know other people didn’t had this luck, that’s why i feel increased chances would be nice.

I’d rather see using coins giving a extra percentage to trying to get a event hero. Surley that’s fair to everyone really.


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