Remove Rare summons for those with TC 12

Eliminate chances for 3* in epic summon for players who has training camp level 12, If we wanted rare hero we wouldn’t summon, we would go for guaranteed rare training

You’re not going to get a guaranteed 4* or 5* hero from an epic summons, of course - if you could, they would be far too easy to acquire,

So are you just saying that instead of getting a 3* heroes, you would prefer to get nothing? Or would you rather get some iron and food? Or some loot tickets?

Or are you seriously suggesting that every epic summons should generate at least a 4* hero? Because I think that is very silly.


The game is far enough along, they could substantially boost S1 4*/5* pull odds and not hurt a thing. We need some way to get new players to feel halfway competitive, like a rainbow 4/80 D of 5* by lvl 30-40. Be a good way to boost a playerbase

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I feel like it would be a pretty dull game if every time you tried an epic summons, a 4* or 5* hero arrived. Perhaps that’s just me; maybe I’m a masochist.


Not saying that, but better odds seem to be in order

I said for people that have tc level 12, why would I summon 3*when I could train for it, or maybe to remove guaranteed rare training, it doesn’t make sence to me

Epic hero summon have this odds:
72% 3*
26.5% 4*
1.5 % 5*

If you want to remove the 3*, it will be:
93.5% 4*
6.5% 5*

But the gem cost will also rise, instead of 300 gems it might be 1071 gems per single pull (assuming the increase is proprotional with the increase of 4*/5* odds). It will decrease the number of extermely lucky/unlucky pulls as the increase of probability will reduce variance.

The OP want to remove 3* from Epic Hero Summon portal. (For players who have build TC12)

Yes, the name of the training is “Guaranteed Rare”, it only give 3*.

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oh. wow that was a stretch, associating tc levels with the summon portal. Thx.

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I never used TC12. Don’t get the point, I’m sorry.

We understand. But what, we wonder, would replace the 3* heroes one currently mostly gets from Epic summons? Nothing? Wouldn’t it be a bit disappointing to spend your gems on 10 epic summons and receive absolutely nothing?

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For TC20

62% 3
33% 4*
3.5% 5*
1.5% featured past HOTM

Make TC20 better for everyone.

For TC12

80% 3*
18.5% 4*
1.5% S2 4*

I’m running 3 TC20s personally, and with that I’d be tempted to run a TC12 for the Danzburo or Sumitomo that have eluded me.

There’s no need for guaranteed 4*, just boost the odds of pulling the outdated stuff. Money is spent on top tier heroes and still would be. Bumping TC effectiveness benefits a developing playerbase and helps them get within striking range of 2 year veterans more quickly. This should allow for continuing to grow customers.


You know… just sayin…

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Change that to jog on I may av to steal it! :thinking::wink:

Wasn’t explaining it to you… :man_shrugging:

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