Remove raiding from the game!

As this game is s nothing but pay to win, unfair boards and not a single ounce about actual skill, then why not just remove the raiding part of the game ?!
I can’t spend hundreds of dollars every month on a game just to get the latest 5* heroes so I turn invisible, especially with Zynga running the show… I pushed thousands of dollars in to mafia wars before Zynga just decided to close that down!

Who forces you to raid? Every part of this game is optional. Hence the word game


Also their is a considerable amount of skill involved in raids. Luck may sometimes work for or against you, but strategy plays a big part of it.


True most consistently succesful raiders are ones who have learned their heros and team compositions along with opponent selection and how to make the best of a bad board

Just takes practice and learning


I didn’t get the point of raiding for ages, I did it to fill chests and hopefully pick up some food and iron. Now I really enjoy it. I’m not interested in the top 100, even if I get there I can’t stay there, but it is so wonderfully challenging to win against difficult teams. It does get easier when you have choices in which heroes you have leveled and available to suit whatever you are facing, but many of my attackers are 4* and by pure coincidence the more I do it the better I get :wink:


I still do only for that. :rofl:


I’ve been scoopin up some major hammage lately in diamond which i typically have trouble finding.

Hams over cups any day

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And for the recruits, they are more valuable than people think.

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I don’t even understand why these posts exist…


I love raiding! Yes, sometimes (or most of the times) it looks like RNG is your enemy but it’s fun to play anyway :slight_smile:
As a C2P I don’t have the newest heroes either but I don’t care… every time someone spends thousands of money for the latest HOTM they are also giving me a new challenge for free when I raid them :wink:

I fear that the main issue is not raiding, it’s the fear of failing… I’m really sorry for all the people that have cultures where failing is not accepted. It’s part of life and it’s a great way to learn.


everything is optional so you dont have to raid and just like you now have an opt out to war.

someone help me understand this new society where if they cant figure it out in one week they need to change the whole game cause there is no way with the vocabulary and correct grammar and punctuation they use on these forums as a new age gamer that these raids are anything but an arbitrary attempt to make me believe that there is reason to be found in the quantom realm that suggests that any feasible argument cant possibly hold the lightsaber any longer than samuel jackson can say the word mother north was a great hero when you first saw her stats but then aegir sucks so bad he never should have been let out of beta in such a state that when i go to war im mismatched everysingle time me and my whole allaince have spent absolutely not one penny cause this game says ftp and that means that we should be facing Anchor and Xero in less than a month or we are never ever watching another video for this company again because with out is the force will not be with you and there will be no one left for the big guys to cup drop on!!!

pretty much what all these posts sound like to me now. dont like it dont do it pretty simple solution

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I doubt you will find much support for your suggestion with SG - since they are working on new raid content for the game.
And it doesn’t take hundreds of dollars (or any other currency, for that matter) to be successful at raiding. The players that posted before me have plenty of good suggestions for you.
And if you just really don’t like it, then don’t do raids. Ta-da, problem solved.


Terrible suggestion… the hero chest has better rewards than the regular monster chest, and the war chest has even better rewards. Raids are a way to get ready for wars and try out teams.

And even without the rewards from those chests… removing raids would restrict the game to player vs enemy content only. That would be so bare bones and boring lol.


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