Remove ninja family bonus

The ninjas are taking away a lot of fun in this game. They are extremely powerful on their own, but with the family bonus they are ridiculous.

Ninjas are solo assassins, it doesn’t make sense for them to have a family bonus.

To help rebalance the power of the game, I propose leaving the heroes alone even though cobalt is crazy with the bypass ability and Mitsuko can’t even help, but simply remove their family bonus from the game.

Makes absolutely no sense to see cobalt even touching mitsuko under her shield. This needs to be addressed and patched up

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Agree the ninja bonus is too strong on def
Their ability to randomly evade damage is too strong and very annoying to play against.
It is really not fun to play against a random dodge that u hv no way to nullify.
U can dispel margaret or ckadilen but not the ninjas


Strongly agree. The ninjas are already too powerful in their own right. Add in the family bonus is just too much.

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