Remove Limit on Total Number of Team Slots Allowed

Are you saying that we can only have 15 boards? I myself use six but mostly the extra one I have is an overflow board for levelling projects.

I’m not sure that many folks have even concerned themselves with it. I am in agreement that a new ‘roster’ arrangement is needed, so maybe this could be added.

If by boards you mean teams then yes, at the moment the most team slots you can get is fifteen

Cool. Never knew there was a cap.

Don’t be lazy and just manually change your teams :crazy_face:

I still use the default 5 teams (mine are: current heroes leveling, titan, campaign, raid offense, raid defense). I change my titan team based on titan element and sometimes change my raid offense team depending on the target. Tbh, I could probably make do with only 4 teams b/c don’t really need the one I use for campaign.

But I’m sure SGG could easily accommodate that request since it cost gems to acquire more teams.

Time to bring this back up. It’s not about being lazy - it’s about organization. I want more than 15 team slots for my OCD to be calm. I want at least 20 team slots so I can organize both my heroes and troops better. How your troops appear in the barracks is based on how you organize your teams. I’m happy to pay the gems for more team slots.

Any update on raising team slots

They sould actually raise the free slots too . Game requirements have changed a lot . Limits and talends multiplied the hero grades . A well organized roster would need at least 19 slots . 5 for 5main 5 4main 5 3*main 1 titan 1 leveling 1 farming 1 defence . 10 free plus 10 to buy should be the minimum imo

I’d vote for an increase! I’m maxed with 15 teams and 505 roster slots. I’d love a few more team slots … auto-farm Atlantis, various training squads to check synergy as I’m leveling multiple heroes, various war Ds…

It’s tiresome changing my team every level for this challenge event to avoid reflect. It’d be nice to have challenge event team slots and then just rotate thru them as I progress thru the challenge.