Remove Limit on Total Number of Team Slots Allowed

It’s hard to see from a technical POV why “15” is a magic number. It’s not as though E&P is coded on an 8-bit platform, where 2^4-1 = 15 might be an understandable limitation. Best yet, selling slots yields no unbalancing advantage. It’s just a simple QOL improvement.


Maybe devs assumed nobody would ever want more than 15 slots? So it’s not like they wanted to limit slots but just didn’t think it would be useful to allow more than 15?

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I was getting very frustrated with the way heroes were sorting ( as per some other threads)
So, @Olmor, I now have 13 team slots, which I am now using in a very unconventional (and probably daft) way.

The first two teams have my ten best Purple heroes
Teams 3&4 have my ten best yellow heroes
Team 5&6 have my ten best blue hens
Teams 7&8 have my ten best Green heroes
Teams 9&10 have my ten best red heroes

When sorted by Element, I then see my ten best heroes in each element in order purple, yellow, blue, green, red.

I then have at the bottom

Team 11 - Titan team - that I modify for each new titan
Team 12 - Raid Team - that I modify for each raid, or farming run.
Team 13 - Defence - That I hardly ever touch as my defence team is pretty stable.

I know it seems like a waste of slots, but it really helps me organise my heroes, and construct the best teams for wars.

Of course if there was a checkbox to ignore Teams when sorting by element (like it does for the class sorting) I wouldn’t need to do this!

And my system is going to break down if and when I get more than 10 levelled, decent heroes in each colour. But I am a way off that!!


My roster bursts at a seams…

Lots of maxed rares, epic and lendary dupes and now Valhalla.

I think, one free and 10 purchasable, but at least more team slots should be available. Please add some to the shop.

I like to sort my heroes by color, synergy and rarity at the same time and would appreciate 5 to 7 slots per element.

@Olmor Merged as requested in PM, thanks! :heart_decoration:

I have 14, but I feel we should never need more than 7 or 8.

The problem is that the Hero Roster is poorly setup and limited. I know at least one game dev who was pushing for it to be redone. I believe that it is currently the worst design in the game and the most needed outside any actual game balancing.

And thats why many people buy team slots…to compensate for the Rosters poor design. Even with 14 slots, I spend too much time hunting for specific heroes on my bench.

They could start by putting all 1-2s on a separate tab. This would make it easier to feed heroes and cut the clutter from the roster when hunting for heroes to create teams. 1-2 star heroes could still be added to team slots so newer users would not be effected.

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I agree. I have my six war teams in which the Raid Defense team is included, my Titan Attackers Team, a Reservists team of heroes I’m currently leveling that are not on a team, and my Primary 3* team for a total of 9 teams. I suppose you could set aside 5 more teams to denote mono color-stack teams?

A 2nd tab would help to park unwanted, but not worth feeding away dupes.

I’d also like 3 teams of maxed per color with 4*/5* for wars, a titan team, a rare team and a work on and/or wait for mats team.

That would be 6 teams per element, so 6*5=30 slots minimum.

And please don’t let us pay doubled any more. If you sell a team slot, add 5 hero slots as well to keep it fair.


I think this is a great idea. I know @TheChef mentioned a tab for trainer heroes. I’d love to see a tab for trainer heroes and a separate tab for 1 & 2 star feeders.


We need more team space with all the new character releases and family links. It takes so long to build up characters that I don’t want to have to sacrifice the ones I’ve invested in. If the objective is to of new characters and exclusive events is to ramp up interest then the team cap is counterproductive. More capacity makes the game more interesting as it allows players to strategize.

I have had all 15 teams slots filled for a very long time. I like to organize things. I use the first team for the heroes I’m working on currently, the second and 4th for special teams. The 3rd for my favorite team. 5th for defense team. 6-10 are mono teams for each color. 11-15 are mono teams of heroes I want to max yesterday. These are all 5* teams. I want team slots for 3* and 4* teams. I currently have almost 400 heroes including duplicates and it’s too easy to forget or overlook one.

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It happened to me in the Last AW , when i was putting a team together to attack.
The Hero end down between her element , but I was lucky i won that battle.:blush::blush::blush:

Oh good this thread has reappeared. I want more team slots too - because I have organization issues and I’m a little obsessed with how my roster looks. Unlimited would be cool, but just a bump up to about 30 slots would do.

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I wonder how many locked heroes does one who needs 30 team slots have… because I have 113 locked heroes at this moment and I manage them just fine with 7 team slots…

I have 400 locked heroes

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I wasn’t going to do this but I have a few questions to ask.
Since having organized heroes does no one any harm and doesn’t change the game at all, just our enjoyment of it, why would anyone oppose having more team slots. No one has to buy or have them. What possible difference could it make to you if you don’t want them. I’m not going to criticize you for having too few or for not being organized. And I’m not going to ask you to help pay for the ones I use.
Another thing. A player mentioned having a different area for 1-2* heroes and another for a different reason. I would like one on a different tab for unmaxed heroes. This would help keep them more manageable, but we would still need more team slots.
I don’t want to upset anyone but I spend a lot of cash on heroes. I would really appreciate a decent place to keep them. If we aren’t meant to have a lot of them, then why continue to create them.


400… Waw… I see where you came from then… I’m not going to discuss your spending habits, it’s your money, but can’t help but wonder how many of those heroes are maxed and how many you actually use…Maybe I’m wrong, but I think the need for extra team slots may come from the artificial and sterile overgrowth of one’s roster… I don’t suppose you keep 1 and 2* heroes locked, cause that would be… funny… further, there’s no point in having more than 100 maxed 3* and 100 maxed 4* heroes, because you don’t use those in wars and 100 are way more than enough for tourneys. That means what? 200? 250? 5* heroes? Out of those, how many are maxed? 50? 60? Even so, amazing as that would be, next to my 14 maxed 5* (after two years of intensive gameplay, free of charge) it would leave you with an immense number of unleveled 5* heroes, that you will never ever in one thousand years max, due to material shortage… so, the way I see it, the problem isn’t in the number of available team slots, it’s in the unreal number of uselessly saved heroes… I guess for 400 heroes you need a much bigger box :wink: (in my language, “cutie” means “box”). Please, don’t take offense, and forgive me if I’m wrong. I simply don’t understand why one would lock-up 400 heroes in E&P… 200… I might understand as long as at least 50 are maxed 5*, but anything above that is a waste of space if you ask me…

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Thank you! That is a really nice analysis.

There should be three tabs for our roster - Locked Heroes, Unlocked heroes and trainer heroes.

I would like to suggest allowing for 17 teams. Iwould love to run a farming team, defense team and 3 teams for each color to help organize the heros

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