Remove Limit on Total Number of Team Slots Allowed

Honestly if they would just allow us to use the “attack team” feature already in the war options screen to allow us to save preset war teams, it would free up like 6 more purchased slots for me

Idk if that would help anyone else though


organize by color then power so easier to manage during alliance wars and raids

@WillieB2F15 please tell us that you now understand how to lock your heroes and troops

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Fair. I believe this is one of the default settings on your roster Organisation.

If you tap the Up/Down arrow in the upper left corner when viewing your roster, you can change it to “Order by Color”.

The heroes will then (the ones not assigned to a team) be ordered by their COLOUR first then POWER second :slight_smile:


that’s nice. team/ troop pairing also lets me protect troops. I can’t see a way to lock troops


You can also sort your hero list by element (colour) and it sorts by power within each element. That avoids having to use team slots. Hit the two arrows button in the top left corner of the heroes list.

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Go to barracks and do same way as u lock heroes

See here:

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you’re my new hero… anything similar for troops


You lock troops by hitting the question mark top right of the troop. Then hit the lock top left.


Check your inventory > troops.

Click on the question mark, then the padlock and you can lock it. You can also do this through your barracks.

To unlock, just tap the padlock again.

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Exactly the same.

Go to the barracks. Hit the Up/Down arrow. Then select order by Element.

Will do the same thing as for heroes… Troops which are not assigned to a team will be sorted first by Colour then by Rarity

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This is nuts lol

This guy had an awesome idea but it wasn’t for the reasons 1 would think

Anyways we should be able to buy as many team slots as we want

Have 426 heroes, if i want to put every single one into a team, i should be allowed to do so

And the rates shouldn’t be punishing like hero slots where the price just goes up n up since there is no actual advantage to more teamslots


Can’t believe it took me until this thread to tap on the magnifying glass when selecting a hero from the roster!




I don’t think quintus would be my first lock choice but that works


That’s why it keeps turning itself off


Ohhhh well that makes sense

All my 1/1 5s are about to be unlocked if hero academy doesn’t happen by the end of january

Not waitin another year for this bs

I’m giving it until Easter…

BUTTTT we’re off-topic here :stuck_out_tongue:


LOL so anyway back on topic …

I do think it rather odd that there is an artificial limit on number of teams, even if I’d likely never use them all doesn’t mean someone won’t.


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