Remove Limit on Total Number of Team Slots Allowed

I have not found a post that discusses why E&P hero organization is limited to 15 teams. Would it be possible to just remove the limit? I cannot see a reason why it benefits the game to have a limit.

I agree 100%. I have 15 teams and would really like to have more. The way I organize my heroes, allowing me to have 20 or 25 teams, would be ideal.

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You want the extra teams y’all gotta pay! I can deal with 5 given defence raid titan farm levelling

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Merge to which pre-existing thread? I didn’t immediately see a match. :wink:


Is there a max limit you can’t buy more than?

Well, I don’t see a request for 15, but I do see these :man_shrugging:

Need to be able to have more then 5 team rosters Ideas & Feature Requests

We are able to attack in war 6 times so it is only right we should be able to save 6 teams not 5!! Kinda defeats the purpose of giving teams 6 chances

Why Five Teams? Ideas & Feature Requests

Considering that alliance wars let you attack six times, I find it kind of weird that the cutoff for saved teams is five. Having all six teams readily available would be much easier. The ability to favorite extra heroes is definitely helpful, but it would be cool to have at least 6 official teams, or maybe we could get an option to add or remove team slots.

More Saved Teams – So can save 6 War Teams Ideas & Feature Requests

I’ve seen requests to be able to specified saved teams for different functions (Titan Team, Raid Team, etc). This request is related, but slightly different. I wish I could save 6+ teams (instead of just 4) – primarily so I could lay out a full 6 teams for War. I’m ok with names Team 1, Team 2, et al. (Ideally, I’d love more than just 6 teams, so I could also save teams for other functions.) I do know how to lock heroes to insure I save them. grin Thanks for considering. Sorry if this h…

Six teams for war Ideas & Feature Requests

One of the things that is bothering me is the fact that you can only set up five teams in your roster. The wars require you to have six teams. We need to be able to set up six or more teams in our rosters so we can strategize and work on war teams prior to the war.

Teams 6 & 7 Ideas & Feature Requests

I think it would be useful to add team 6 and 7 for organisational purposes

Team slots Ideas & Feature Requests

Can we not have 6 slots for hero’s teams, as have 6hits with different hero’s in the war, as don’t knw wht troops your 6th team gose into war with

Sixth team placeholder Ideas & Feature Requests

Please add a slot for a sixth team like you have for the first 5. You need 6 teams for war and it’s too easy to mix the ones you are leveling up with your fodder heroes. Especially while playing when tired.

We need 7 teams on list Ideas & Feature Requests

Hi, In war we need 7 teams because we can use a team only once and have 6 rounds… Then, why just can assign 5 teams on list of heroes? That’s not useful. We need to assign 7 or more, for the teams that will be used on mission (the beginner mode, with 3 stars) Need at least 7 teams, 6 the most stars possible, and 1 more for a 3 stars team for the begginers mode. (Sorry about my english, is not my mother language)

More Teams, Please! Ideas & Feature Requests

At the very least we should have the ability to set up 6 teams: one for each war flag. But, ideally, I would like to have 10: 6 for wars, one for raid defense, one for raid offense, one for titans, one for farming/experimenting.

The Sixth Team Ideas & Feature Requests

We need the option of six teams because it is required to have that quantity in alliance wars. How do we use or view the sixth team if we can only make 5.

Increase teams to 8 Ideas & Feature Requests

I’d like an increase to the number of teams to 8. 6 for Alliance Wars, 1 for Titans, and 1 for Defense.


The max is 15 that you can buy. I can’t find a post quickly from SG (it was with version 16 but release notes aren’t specific enough), but I see many other posts confirming what I recollect.

Huh. Interesting they’d cap it.

I don’t really see a match in those links since they seem to be asking for extra free teams.

:woman_shrugging: my bad! :disappointed:

20 sorrys! :heart:

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Why do you need a many teams?

I have 9 slots and use the first for levelling heroes, 2-6 are the targetted raid teams, 7 is a rainbow farming team and 8 is my defence team with 9 being my titan team.

What do you use the remaining 6 slots for?

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This post discussed it a bit:


5 free, can but 10 more for a total of 15, then game prohibits buying more


I’m glad you don’t need more… my organization requires more, plus it protects me from accidentally eating the wrong heroes when growing heroes

I can see:

1 leveling
1 defense
1 titan
1 or 2 raiding
6 for wars (planning)
1 experimental
1 farming

beyond those 12-13 idk

willing to buy, in fact I have…10 more. now the game limits me. no apparent reason to limit number of teams… seems like a simple request and a simple code fix

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Don’t you lock heroes to avoid feeding them?


didn’t know you can lock heroes

You know you can lock heroes right?

Tap their profile in your roster, then in the top left corner (next to the magnifying glass) hit that lock…

Any locked heroes (OR TROOPS) will not be able to be eaten.

Thats what I was curious about. What is your organisation/ what are the team slots you have assigned. And what would future ones be for?

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Please someone screenshot how to lock his heroes!!!

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Link on “How to Lock Heroes” (or favourite them)

Link on “How To Lock Troops”

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