Remove limit on feeders after special reaches 8

There recently was a nice update adding claim all on trainer camps, so how about another QoL change. The purpose of limiting it to 10 feeders is for the chance at the hero special upgrading, but once the special is at 8 there is no point to the limit other than to annoy you while leveling, especially on 5* heroes since it takes so long.

I agree with you, its so annoying.

seems like a good idea to me.

Interesting, I always assumed it was also to increase Food costs.

Every time you level, you pay x times the current per-feeder cost, which goes up as the Hero is leveled up. But it’s based on their current level, no matter how many feeders you use, or how many levels the feeders increase them. That’s why using Trainer Heroes on high-leveled Heroes is effective at saving Food, for example.

So this change would also make it possible to radically reduce Food costs if you have sufficient Roster space to bulk feed a large number of feeders at once.



If the way heroes or troops are fed is to be changed, SG would have to completely rework the entire leveling process from top to bottom


Yeah, particularly because:

…doesn’t apply to Summons, which can exceed Roster capacity.

So this would be an astronomical advantage for big Summoners.

They could feed off their unwanted pulls to a new Hero for dirt cheap.

Definitely would have to rework how leveling works to implement this.


That and this:

Lowest it’s been in a year but still if i could eat all of those for lvl 1 ham costs, would break the game.

There’s 2 more camps with about as many in them as well

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I assumed it would still be capped by your Roster slots, since you’d have to Collect them first.

But I’d love a Collect & Level option that let you collect and feed as a single action, even with normal costs. Just would cut down on tedious button tapping.


Roster cap is 400+

Could empty out about 250ish at a time if i wanted

Would be bout 10 clicks and 1 full food storage to complete max a 5* i believe, just scribble math off the top of my head


Still would be quite substantial, they’d need to fix the leveling costs for that too.

Slightly different idea…

What if there were a tab when Leveling a Hero that said Training Camps, and you could pick a TC to feed directly from 10x at a time? Like how Costumes have tabs for Heroes and Costumes.


That could work. If they went that route I’d prefer the hero bubbles above the tc go away and move the bubble to above the roster button instead. Would make it easier not to accidentally collect a bunch of feeders.

To be frank the biggest changes to make feeding more convenient in my opinion is condensing dupes down the way costumes do and putting trainer heroes in a tab in the inventory since they’re about as real a hero as costumes are


ahh I forgot about the whole milk more food cost per level system that is built in. If you want extreme detail on how thats worked out check out this

  • An idea for a new system that would be less annoying would be to have the cost per feeder be a flat cost per tier instead of increasing at each level and each tier, and have every level ending in a 0 require much more experience to compensate.

while they are at it, it would be great if they reworked the tiers and number of levels per tier to match what they did with their other game Puzzle Combat. Instead of 1/50, 2/60, 3/70, 4/80 they have 1/20, 2/40, 3/60, 4/80, 5/100 and this layout applies to all star ratings of heroes (all heroes have the same number of levels at the same level, higher star heroes just have additional tiers).

OK I am aware that is extremely unlikely to change due to the issue of what to do with partially leveled heroes, but what they can do is make unfarmable 3* ascension materials display as 4* and the current 4* asc mats display as 5* just like Puzzle Combat. This would be easy to do as they would not have to move the assigned value given to those asc mats since they are in a bunch of reward tables, simply adjust the display graphic so that those items now show as 4 and 5 star.

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How can I put new idea?

Just reuse the goat riding Gimble animation to take all the meat due In bulk at the end

Goat riding + No Carpal tunnel = win win

I don’t think it’s quite that good/easy.

Assuming the spreadsheet @Graknork referenced is correct:
To max a 5-star with only 1* off-color feeders takes ~22M hams, that’d be the worst case.
To max a 5-star with all 2* off-color feeders takes ~8.6M hams.

I figured the average realistic XP output of TC2 is 280.8. That assumes 50/50 split between 1* and 2* feeders with 20% of those getting on-color XP boost. To max a 5-star with those takes ~12M hams.

Just feeding @Rigs’ 250 TC2 feeders at a time means it would take ~11.3M hams across five feedings with a few left over to finish off the last level.

The more optimal way would be to feed up to each Tier max then stop. That way the next feeding of 250 starts over at the 5K ham minimum per feeder. If you did that I calculated a cost of ~9M hams. Better, but not really game breaking.

Even if you had roster space of 618+ needed to level Tier 4 with TC2 feeders in one shot at the minimum 5K hams per, you’re looking at a best case scenario of 6.3M hams.

That’s just gross. lol

If u can feed a whole tier at lvl 1 cost…sure maybe 4th tier u may hit a wall

But if u have hams stashed to cover the cost of ascensions(most do), it would be pretty easy. We already max 5s as we get them now without flattening out ham costs and doing away with a 10x feeder limit. This would just make it even easier, which i don’t feel is really needed considering how long people have been insta maxing now with current system

Anyways long story short

It would defeat the intent of design

If 10x limit was only about special skill level up, the ham costs would stay the same every level and every ascension

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