Remove leader not played in over 300 days

How do we remove a leader that has not played in over 300 days, it costs us in wars and Titans received. Do not want to start another alliance as We have tenure in current alliance.

Unfortunately this is the only way of doing what you are wanting.

Here is a useful guide/ toolkit for if/when you decide to make the move:


Firstly, welcome to the forum.

As Guvnor said, there’s no way to remove the leader. So…
1 - you can start a new alliance. This also means starting from 1* titans.
2 - merge with an established alliance.

GL with your decision making.


I thought a player was automatically opted out if they did not participate for a certain number of wars… or do you mean, cost you in the sense that matchmaking isnt at 30?


Remove yourself from that ally. Take your active fellows with you and don’t look back. It’s okay if there are a few inactive members, but an inactive leader sucks.


Wow! That is a tough spot to be in. Sorry your leader abandoned you all like that. Definitely not cool.
If you or some of your fellow members are looking to join a new alliance, we just had several slots open up on our alliance Fragles Phoenix. We are looking for committed players, that want to be a part of a positive and supportive alliance. I’m co-leader so am open to any questions.

As others have said. Unfortunately you can not remove the leader from your alliance.
You either have to accept that you play with one member down or, one of you sets up a new alliance and asks all other members to move across.
I would suggest that you ask everyone in chat what their preference is and then run with it.
Good luck

Thank you all for the info! Sincerely appreciate it! Think we will stay as is for now…

Have a supper day and stay safe!


2 cents: A lot of solid alliances with low numbers out there would love to have your remaining active members (the fewer of you there are, the easier it could be, but there are plenty with room for 15 or more). We merged 4 such groups and never looked back: better titans, better wars, better drops, easier POV challenges, and just generally more fun to play.


Just wondering how you alliance is doing. Has your leader showed up at all yet?

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