Remove inactive allianses

When I browse around alliances I notice many with leaders gone for 40+ days. Why not set a limit for inactivity? If a leader is gone for 20 days (as a example), then the alliance get removed and the members get redirected to global where they can find a new active alliance.

It’s been debated a lot before. Some people point out that leaders have put gems into creating the alliance, so it’s not fair to take it off them.

I think it would be a good idea if the alliance went dormant and unsearchable after 60 days, or similar.

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Our leader is off for 60 days now. He is blokking a Space in de alliantie war. It would be convinient if one of the co-leaders could degrade him after such a time so he can be removed.

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If that is the case and the alliance is a happy close knit group. The so,utilities. Is start your own alliance and all go join it and just leave the dormant Leader there on his own

This is how to do it