Remove inactive Alliances

Hey hello, I’d like to add/request some idea to the game

This game is alliance based driven and I have been playing for almost a year now with my new fifth alliance that’s really please with overall dynamic of it.

Still I see some pain point of inactive alliance, mostly in discuss is about inactive leader while people in there still keep playing about headless direction and 11 months ago I’m starter this game in this unfavorable situation and think that these group of players and of course potential spenders would deserve better game experience than that.

I’d to see add features of auto disband alliance to alliance that leader gone inactive for 180 days straight so let’s active people find their new home, instead of keep playing motionless day in day out. Not everyone familiar with social media recruiting page and etc to find their new active one including one here. maybe link in first 120 days of leader absence to your official recruits page, make them feel that they not left behind also.



@zephyr1 @Garanwyn

Please merge if it is ok for you @zenithciiz. ( got already 14 votes)

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Merged, thanks! :heart_decoration:

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There is so many teams that have been created but does not even have an active player, why does’nt empires and puzzles get rid of them it will make things easier for us and them clean up their system a bit!..

That’s an interesting idea. As someone who likes to tidy things up, especially when it comes to stale data in systems, I can see some merit. This idea actually has been discussed before over here. I asked the moderators to merge your post into that thread, where you might get some more support, or at least be able to see others’ opinions.

Merged. :slight_smile:

Because once someone paid 50 gems for it. So I guess legally they cannot remove the alliances completely.

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